Why #ptjob

I’m Tony, I’d like to welcome you here where you’ll find me spouting all I know on earning full time money as an affiliate - doing shizzle you love whilst helping peeps at the same time. 

Stick with me and you'll see how YOU can make this happen.

We’ll be focusing on leveraging the internet, bending the web I like to call it, we use it everyday and you know there's money to be made online - so why not right. 

You get to know a little more about me, and I've found that people always want to know what affiliate websites I have - so in transparency I'll even add a few links to my niche sites.  

You’ll understand why I’m so passionate about helping peeps like you,  who’ve heard there’s a way to make a decent income from the internet.

And are ready to know how to do it.

I'm a regular guy living in the university town of Northampton

My 1st passion has always been food, I actually went to the catering college in Northampton back in the day – You’ll often find me chatting about cool looking recipes reviewing equipment as I’m pretty much a food geek!

My 2nd passion is training and development, I absolutely love the entrepreneurial freeness the internet allows us.

Living in this student town and having a daughter of 17yrs old and a son of 14 now, I KNOW parents need as much income as they can get!

I want to share how to make money online legitimately with as many of you willing to put the time in learn... as I can. 

I want to show you how you can earn enough to pay tuition if needed and more if you use the skills you’ll learn to bend the web to do your bidding!

A little background

As I said I went to the Booth Lane college and studied hospitality.  I wanted to be a chef even though my father told me it wasn’t a job I could enjoy Friday or Saturday night with. 

He was right, I was the guy sweating my nuts off in the kitchen when everyone was out enjoying themselves.

In a few years I went from kitchen to front-of-house then into the Management team, but found my groove when it came to training and development.

I worked for some great customer facing brands where I learned a heck of a lot from some great managers and mentors. Leading to me being involved in opening around 200 units for different brands.

Whilst opening new restaurants and bars around the country sounds like a great job, it didn’t allowed me to live my life on my terms.

I had 2 children under 5yrs old and was running around the UK opening businesses for others and missing them growing up.

I looked online and got to studying

I knew that there was a way to make money online, I tried Ebay, and that wasn’t for me​

I found drop shipping and that worked pretty well, but I had to always be checking accounts and forwarding order information and stuff, dropshipping was a real pain to make a just a few hundred a month.

I then lost quite a bit just over £6k, I maxed out 2 credit cards on a scam. I got suckered in to false promises, and gave up for a few months. Then the unthinkable happened –

I lost my job!

I Had nothing left to loose

I had no job and it was December.

I talked it over with my partner and we/she decided it was okay that I not look for a job straight away.

I really wanted to give the online thing another try and with Christmas coming up no-one was hiring anyway.

I’d read about affiliate marketing and started searching around for where I could lean more.

After a while I found wealthy affiliate, which looking back now was my fork in the road,

With nada to hold me back I got stuck into the training at Wealthy Affiliate, I was loving what I was learning.

I could see how people could be doing ‘affiliate marketing to make real money.

Technology wasn’t the same back in 2008 when I started. I got to the ‘building a single webpage’ and started to worry.

I didn’t know what hyperlinking was or ftp and the tutorials were like learning Chinese to me.

The lessons were supposed to last 8 weeks – I was 6 weeks in and starting to worry.

The ONE thing I had done was follow the training to the ‘T’ I understood as a trainer that if I did that I’d at least have a chance.

I quite by chance decided to look at the clickbank account I was told to set up in the training… I’d made money!

I remember quite clearly the surprise and elation.

(and the noise I made...)

I couldn’t stop grinning

Six weeks in and lying in bed I decided to take a look at the clickbank account I had set up.

Clickbank was where I was going to be paid my ‘affiliate commissions’.

I didn’t expect any as I’d just written 3 posts and shared it where I was told to, and as I said before I wasn’t that confident with the website setup bit.

So I login to clickbank and let out a shriek – I had $235 in my account, I was literally bouncing up and down on the bed.

With all the noise the kids soon come to join in!

Then as if things even sweeter.., I found out the next day that I actually had more than $500 in commissions waiting for me – I was so excited I wrote about it – that was back on Jan 15th 2009!

My mission with ptjobftincome.com

Like you may have guessed, I want to show you how you can ‘work- part time and earn a full time income’ 

But let me be clear, you won't be getting paid by the hour - but you will make decent money with affiliate marketing. 

Here's a great image I found that explains it brilliantly. 

There is a lot of outdated and rubbish info online and there are a lot of  assumptions  that peeps have without really understanding what’s involved with affiliate marketing.

I want to peel back the mystery that surrounds affiliate marketing, maybe sometimes you’ll see the marrick in me come out as I stomp all over the words of others disturbing the status quo!

These days with tools available like siterubix and the like technology no longer stands in the way, ‘ll show you the best way to set up your websites and how to get traffic to them.

If you’re fed up with waiting for the next pay check to come through or the food to be reduced before you can buy a the food you need this is for you.

You are exactly who I’m talking to.

This is where your fork in the road happens.

I know this works – and you can do it!

As I said that’s when my fork in the road happened, it’s when I decided that wealthyaffiliate.com would be a place I’d stick with and continue to learn from.

… But that was almost 10 years ago. These days I work as a full time affiliate marketer and have ever since that day when I couldn’t stop grinning.

Since 2009 I’ve set up information sites, membership sites, websites for companies, have numerous niche websites.

I've even helped my kids to make money online with the things that interest them… So If my kids can do it I know any student that has a serious go will crack it too.