If Creating Apps Without Coding Was Possible #appsumo

Coding apps is what makes it possible for one to create computer software, those game apps  on facebook and many more on websites.

App coding is the most practiced form of any coding recently, due to the huge market for mobile apps. Your phone apps like Instagram, Snapchat, daily recipes and even Uber or Airbnb reservations, and all the rest are made by someone having an idea for a new app that might be useful to the masses.

… kaching!!!

Most mobile apps are created for IOS for use in iPad and iPhone systems, the next biggest platform is the android app market with windows bringing up the rear.

Building Apps With Coding

The conventional way to go about creating an app is the conventional way. You’ll need to learn IOS coding for the iPhone etc, this is done by use of Objective C coding language and the cocoa framework. Integrated Development Environment also called the X code is also used, this runs specifically on mac so it’s a requirement.

Android apps on the other hand are developed with Java coding language together with the Android Studio kit which unlike XCode which runs on mac only can run on mac, pc or Linux. IDE such as eclipse can be used too in the coding of android apps.

All sounds a bit complicated right…!

Apps Without Coding – If Only!

… but it is!

Yes, it is possible to build an app without learning to code. It’s been made a reality that a complete coding virgin like me to create different types of really use applications.

It’s made possible by the codefree website, it’s a site that helps people who want to venture into creating computer browser and mobile apps but they don’t have the knowledge of coding.

The website has a small but growing open library where you can go through a list of well thought off app ideas and choose which one you’d be interested in developing for your own purposes/market.

apps without coding available to build

(users vote on what enters the library next)

Your App Building Lessons

After you have chosen the one of the app ‘lets call them templates’ intrigues you the most, if enrolled you can jump right into your tutorials which are step by step lessons on how to make your particular chosen app a reality. Before you chose your app there are a few things/hints that may help you decide which to tackle first.


  • #1 Gives the build time for the app to be completed
  • #2 The other 3rd party software used to make it all work
  • #3 The total cost of creating your app

Clicking on the learn more button opens up a page where you can see the syllabus laid out.

The codefree website itself is built with the user in mind. Everything is laid out really clearly, lessons aren’t too long and full of jargon you won’t understand.

Video walkthroughs are perfect for rewinding to reinforce a lesson or if like me, i watch 30 seconds of the video and then repeat the steps in my own live app build environment.

Limited Apps To Build

Even though we can now develop an app without coding. Over at codefree.co there aren’t that many app templates to start with yet, though thinking outside the box, I’m sure there’s an app that can be customised to suit most of our needs.

Here’s the airbnb example and the same template was used by one of the members to create a “book a model” app…

You’ll see the apps in the library that the users can relate with. The apps are in line with the current in demand apps in the market or those that relate to day to day life.


Code Free Apps How Much?

That’s the question right.. It’s a monthly program that costs either $49 pcm for 1 new premium course delivered every month or $89 pm for access to all courses.

Look but keep going……

This is the first of a few appsumo often time sensitive deals that I’ll be sharing. To be blunt $85 per month is the only deal I’d want. I can bet if I got the $49 version I’d be wanting access to an app that I wouldn’t have access to yet!

So with all that said lifetime access to the full monty for just $39 is a bit of a no-brainer.. Even if you don’t use apps yet it’s worth having access in your tools arsenal for just 39 bucks isn’t it?


Cost extras: REmember PhoneGap + XCode are both free downloads. To submit to the Apple App Store, though, you need to pay for a single developer license with Apple, which is $99/year.

Has codefree apps got legs?

I see the codefree website as a big thing for those of us into web development. The market for app production is big.  its popularity is going to remain high as far as I can see. And app development is pop news for young web developers and other existing established developers.

If the right ‘templates’ get produced I see the codefree website growing from strength to strength. So building apps without coding could remain relevant for a very long time.

Worth a punt for you is it?


PT - Tony

  • PT - Tony says:

    It was definitely worth it for moi!
    and you;ll never guess what the first app I built was… 😉

  • +1