Building A Modern Looking Website

So now we get to building a lovely modern looking website, If you have read my previous posts, you may be beginning to realise that there are quite a few steps in starting an online business.

However once we create this entity, it’s online forever, and down the road we’ll be putting in less hours and reaping the benefits of the work we do now.

Everyone is a little bit different, and when it comes to building an online business, some of us really love getting into keyword research, some the interaction in comments or social media with our readers, some of us just love to write and share knowledge.

But me…

I really look forward to actually building the site, creating the foundation of the business. Seeing all the research come together and playing around with design and tweaking as I go. I suppose seeing the site actually in front of my eyes in the browser makes it a lot more real, kinda like enabling the research to come to life … geeky huh!


Something I must put to rest before we carry on with this…

If you are worrying about building your site, don’t.

Building a modern looking website is going to be a lot easier than you think. The initial framework will be WordPress, and we’ll pick a theme (the look) that we want to used for our website. This will allow us to focus purely on creating content for our readers to take in, rather than worrying about design and aesthetics.

WordPress has thousands of themes for us to choose from so that’s not going to be a problem, well actually it maybe a problem making up our minds on which theme to go with! all

Free v’s paid wordPress

One of the first decisions we have to make, is the type of WordPress platform you’re going to use, a free hosted option on someone else’s domain name, or, your own personal bit of webspace? vs

The most well known free wordpress platform is, yet that still has restrictions that other free site builders give you access to. If you want to ‘make money’ using a totally free wordpress site, I’d reccomend the flexibity of for that.

The 2nd option is to go via the paid route, it actually happens in just a few automated clicks, in essence what happens is:

To get your own personal piece of internet space, means buying a domain name and hosting account, in total around $60 per year. Then we install the free software and you instaltly have a fully functional wordpress framework.

Yearly Costs:

  • Web Hosting: $4 pcm *free domain name with new accounts
  • Domain Name: $10 per yr
  • software free

Considering the earning potential, it’s an investment well worth making … if you’re serious about starting an online business.

If it’s just a hobby site you want to start, using a free wordpress is going to be fine for you, and you can get a website framework created in just a couple of minutes.

$0 To Start setup video

watch, then click the button below!

Click Here To Create A FREE Website With SiteRubix – On Own Domain

No matter how freakingly difficult that sounds, installing WordPress onto your own domain has been made very simple by the use of modern tools and tech. Even if you have no idea of how it happens, it doesn’t really matter. All that does matters is that when I show you how to do it – you follow along and do the same…

You’ll get to know all the intricacies as and when you need them, plus as always if you do have any questions I’m here, just shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

Hosting Account With Domain

Get Hosting

With A Free Domain Name

video walkthrough

I’m using siteground as a host in the examples, it’s a really simple process.  Once you get to the siteground website the wordPress services  tab has wordpress hosting nested under it.

Then just choose your package, fill out your personal details and click the submit button.

*free domain name with new accounts

Got The Basics Now What?


Using wordpress plugins really does make life easy, almost anything can be achieved with the right plugin. And were going to install a few to help us along.

Pretty Link (free) get here – as we’ll be recommending products and services with an affiliate link attached, which are rather long and ugly. Unfortunately that can be a put-off for some buyers.

Here’s why…

Say I’m interested in sharing some great information on weight loss to get buff!  The affiliate link that the vendor would give me is and that’s a real ‘raw affiliate link‘. With pretty link I can produce something like and that looks a whole lot prettier, I’m sure you’ll agree.

iThemes Security (free) get here – They’re real serious about protecting your wordpress installation. To quote them “Take the guesswork out of WordPress security. iThemes Security offers 30+ ways to lock down WordPress in an easy-to-use WordPress security plugin.” And that’s just what’s wanted and free too!

There are a few additional setting tweaks you can make that are personalised to your own preferences – I’ll show you what I do in a video that’s in the making – keep ya eyes peeled for that…  In the meantime here’s one they made earlier!

ithemes video


bbqBBQ WP Plugin (free) get here – Blocks Bad Queries at login. This one is quick and easy to set up , because there is no set-up to speak of. With the BBQ plugin All you need do is install and activate the plugin and we’re good to go!

BBQ helps keep your WordPress site safe and secure by blocking bad requests. BBQ Pro runs silently in the background, checking all incoming traffic and blocking any URI requests that contain nasty stuff like excessively long request-strings and other malicious attempts.

AIO (all in one) SEO Plugin (free) get here – Helps rank posts in Google , I’ll be straight up and tell you SEO is an art within itself, Yet for beginners it’s very overwhelming.

Thankfully there are wp plugins to to simplify lots of the mind bending and laborious optimization tasks associated with building a modern looking website. One such plugin is the All in One SEO Pack, a plugin that is easily installed and works straight out the box.

For how to set up the AIO plugin on your website take s look at the training walkthrough that will take you through every step of getting the best out of the plugin.

Building A Modern Looking Website AIO setup

Essential Legal Pages (free) get here – There are a few essential pages, as well as actual statements that we’ll need to publish to stay compliant with doing business online. Again, I’m going to keep it really simple and we’re going to be using a plugin to add the content to these pages.

It’s an easy process where we’ll be using a ‘shortcode’ generated by the plugin to create the content for those essential legal pages for us.

Build Legal Pages

With A FREE Plugin

watch here

Basic Site Structure

Touching back on essential pages, there may be a couple more pages you may want to include that I always build. These are pages that I want for my homepage or landing page. And the page and I want my blog posts to appear on. For the purpose of setting up the website I always publish these pages as soon as I have a title, content isn’t really necessary yet… After all we’re just setting up our site right!

Once I have my bass WordPress plugins installed I will look at this site structure. Here are a few pointers to get your modern looking website looking… well modern!

Once you’re logged into the back end of your WordPress website on the left hand side in the dark shaded area, close to the bottom you will see a ‘settings tab’. When you highlight the settings tab, by mousing over it, you get another menu pop out, on that menu you’ll see a reading section that we are going to change.

  1. You can display a static page all your latest post on your blog front page
  2. If displaying a static page you can choose which pages you won’t from the ones already published
  3. Here you set the amount of blog posts to show in your “blog posts page”
  4. I set feeds to show full text, the whole point of a feed is to go not have to go visiting different domains, so don’t make feed users have to click through to your website!
  5. If you are in staging or for any other reason, you can discourage the search engines from finding you
  6. Always remember to send the changes!

As I added a homepage and a blog page earlier on, they are now available for us with the little drop-down box


Building A Modern Looking Websitereadingsettings

Permalinks – You’ll be able to find various permalink settings under WordPress dashboard > Settings > Permalink. You can see the popular and suggested  with radio boxes ready to click :

permalink settings

My personal choice and recommended permalink structure for a WordPress blog is using the Post name. Post name permalinks are short, sweet and have nothing added which may affect your on- page SEO score.

Many bloggers however do recommend using the category in a permalink which is also cool, but only when your category name is short and precise, and you are not using multiple categories for your posts.

That’s it.. Now we have a modern looking site that’s ready to add content too.

So we’ll look at adding content.. meaning text, pictures and audio and video a post or page in the next installment.

If you’ve any questions do ask, as I’m only a ping away.

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PT - Tony