How Choosing a Niche Will Affect Everything You Do

​It really doesn't matter how much training or experience ​you have, ​we consistently find that one of the hardest parts of making a success of affiliate marketing is actually choosing a niche.

The ​problem really comes from the fact that there are ​just so many different options and opinions, which can make the entire process feel overwhelming.

In reality, there are literally millions of different niches you can choose and almost all of them have the potential to be profitable.

The issue is picking a niche is one of the very first steps of making money through online marketing. Get it wrong, if your heart isn't really in the niche or the competition is too high you're onto a loser!

​So, ​How Exactly Do You Choose A Niche?

Interests and Passions - One of the very first places to consider for inspiration in finding a niche is your own hobbies, interests and passions.

Everyone has some things that they find exciting or interesting and these can often be fantastic ideas for your niches.

​You may get a little nervous about this idea – often because ​you think that ​your interests aren’t good enough, or won’t make enough money. However, there are actually significant advantages to using your own interests as the basis for a niche.

Writing content for a website often seems easy and exciting at first, but it can quickly get tedious and challenging. ​You'll often find ​you're able to write content more ​easily when it is subject ​matter ​that you are already familiar with.

​Being interested in a niche subject can make it a lot easier to maintain a website in the long-term.

Another advantage of choosing a niche that relates to your interests is that you probably already have extensive knowledge of the area. This means less time is needed for research, and the writing will also tend to flow more naturally.

If you write about ​what ​interests you, ​there tends to put more enthusiasm into ​your writing, and you also have the ability to share personal stories. All of this tends to make ​your writing more interesting and engaging, which is ​exactly what we want.

Check ​Out ​The Competition

Two very important areas to consider when considering a niche is the level of competition and the amount of interest.

Ideally, a niche should have few competing websites and a large amount of people searching for the niche, but realistically, this doesn’t happen all that often. 

A more relevant approach is to look for a niche in a popular area that has a moderate amount of competition. Specifically, this can involve looking for a niche where you have the potential to outperform some of the ​page 1 ranking sites.

After all, if you pick a niche with too much competition, you simply won’t rank within it, and won’t get any traffic.

Some people take an alternative approach and look for a niche that is obscure. Even though niches like this tend to have lower amounts of traffic, they also tend to have little competition, particularly if the niche is picked carefully.

Choosing this type of niche can be useful as it lets the site owner specialize in an area that few people cover. This makes it easier to become an authority site. As the popularity of a site in this type of niche grows, it can become very popular.

Monetizing Your Niche Site

Another thing to consider when choosing a niche is exactly how you plan to make money from it.

For example, if you are taking ​the affiliate ​review approach, it is important to consider what products or services you plan to promote. Additionally, you might want to consider whether you plan to ​review a single type of product or service or multiple ones.

If you choose a single product, then you may end up choosing your niche around that. However, if you plan to do multiple products, this might change the niche you choose.

It is important to think about the products that you plan to promote before you get too far through the niche selection process, because some niches are really hard to find products for.

For example, if you developed a website around the niche of f​modern keyword tools, it would be relatively difficult (but not impossible) to find products. Alternatively, if you focused on the niche of internet marketing tools, ​like I have on my own review ​style website you'd find that there is an almost endless range of products.

​If you are looking for their very first niche, it is generally better to pick a niche where it is easy to find products for.

Finding Niche Ideas

There are a huge number of places that you can look for ideas about niches, and simply looking at other websites can often be inspiring.

However, if you are looking for more specific ideas for finding a niche a good place to start is ​dmoztools. This is a web directory showing a large number of categories and the way that they break down.

choosing a niche at dmoztools

​Another great source for affiliates are the categories on Amazon and similar sites. They can ​often provide a lot of useful ideas about niches that relate to specific products.

​Choosing A Niche Decision

Realistically, there is no single ​right way when it comes to picking a niche. Instead, it is a decision that involves ​considering what works best for ​you and what is the most likely to earn profit down the line.

It is possible to earn a profit from almost all niches and the biggest difference really is that some niches take more work than others.

As a general rule, it is best to look for a niche that is not too challenging to start out in, ideally one that the ​you as content producer ​are actually interested in.

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​However, choosing the wrong niche is not necessarily a bad thing, because if nothing else, it provides a learning experience and the chance to learn how to succeed anyway.

Alternatively, the lessons learned in one niche can easily be applied to another.

​Let me know in the comments below... Was your first niche a passion of yours or did you choose based on commission?