Cinemagraph App For PC Seen Everywhere – AllofaSudden!

Over the last few months cinematograph software has been popping up everywhere, it seems like anyone who had video software or graphic software products have all of a sudden released a cinematograph app for PC tool too!

Previously creating a cinemagraph image was a long drawn out affair, often lasting 16 to 24 hours to build just one image using software tools like Adobe premier and the like. Needless to say with so much time and effort going into making 1 cinemagraph, costs can run into the hundreds of dollars per image.

I've been testing three of these new cinemagraph tools for a while now, so I'm going to give you an overview of how they all worked out and which one/s I believe are worth investing in.

Grab a glass of your favourite tipple and lets dive in...​

​Cinemagraphs as you know are not new, however the ability to use a cinemagraph app for pc in modern-day marketing has driven these types of images to become a lot more accessible to the mainstream marketer. 

If you were scrolling your Facebook feed or your Twitter stream a moving cinematograph image will always catch your eye and stand out.

 And that's the whole point isn't it?

Allowing your marketing efforts to stand out where others are sitting flat on the screen, so to speak! Will the cinemagraph you are able to capture your prospects imagination and hold it just long enough to deliver your message as they skim passed your competition.

Cinemagraphs are proven to have increased click through rates over conventional still images which in turn should of course increase our overall conversions.

The three cinematograph software tools I will be reviewing are:

  •  Graphitii - Cloud based
  • Gifzign -  Desktop App Based
  • FlickGraph - Desktop App Based

Let's just jump right in to the first on the list Graphitii.

Name: Graphitii 
Product Type: Cinemagraph Creator
Price: $56:40
Owners​: Vidyoze
Web Address:

The first I had a look at it was graphitii from the Vidyoze team. I know they've 3+ years invested in one of their other similar products for video after effects called viddyoze and have a great reputation for supporting their software.

As to be expected, the Graphitii team have a slick looking sales page outlining the many benefits of using their software. It's cloud based so the software runs through your browser window.

 However unfortunately I can't see that right now because offer Graphitii product offer has since closed! 

Now, there is no official statement from the developers - but I fear they are "having technical issues" as trying to use the software during the first couple of weeks after launch could only be described as ... frustrating.

Uploading a video to use or even loading one of their pre-loaded videos to use in your cinema glass is a process that seems to be for ever buffering. 

Over the next few weeks Graphitii have been through some growing pains. But today I'm able to create cool images like the one below with 'not too much hassle' quite smoothly.

As expected the Graphitii team were not giving up that easily. It's a smart move to engage damage limitation if launch didn't go to plan until you've perfected their platform

Why close the doors? - It's better to engage damage limitation if your SAAS launch didn't go to plan until you've perfected your offer

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...And that is what I think Graphitii has done. Truth be told Graphitii has evolved far beyond the original beta program that was the released during the launch back in Feb 2017

Now uploading a short 20 sec video from my desktop can take less than 25 seconds, but still using one of theirs and rendering it ready to use takes a lot longer to load into the editor.

[ Eyes peel for the Graphitii update] ​

At this moment in time I'm going to leave the using of Graphitii out, it's a moving target and little tweaks and additions are still being added. So I'll keep a look out and add their features when they decide to re-open to the public. 

When you've have finished creating your Graphitii cinemagraph you're able to share it on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube social platforms.

Gifzign Popped It's Head Up Days After​

Name: Gifzign 
Product Type: Gif Creator and Cinemagraph Recorder.
Price: $47:00
Owners​: Youzign
Web Address:

Gifzine it's a product from another well known developer Bertrand from Youzine. Youzine is an browser app for creating graphics and has been around for a few years now and has evolved overtime. I have total faith that this product will also stand the test of time. 

Gifzign almost seems more like 3 apps in one, you have the gifzine app software (pt1) that you download to your PC or Mac and run as an application for creating your cinemagraphs and gifs. 

The Gifzine dashboard (pt2)  linked to your Gifzine app. You're able to embed the url for a gif or cinemagraph and generate an embed code with 1 of 10 frames around it. The upsell (pt3) gives a far bigger library of mockups for your production to be embedded into.

​Using the Gifzign cinemagraph app is really easy to figure out. With you being able to mask out the video behind all still image, then use the paintbrush to allow you to you erase that image overlay. It does sound a bit technical, but once you see the process it's really easy to comprehend and understand, I've a video below...

I created the bee gif above using the Gifzign cinemagraph app. I'm sure once you mastered your cinemagraph technique, using the 'mirror image effect' would create some awesome looking images don't you?


This maybe the ugly duckling of the 3 but don't let 1st appearances fool you, this ugly duckling is hiding her swan-like features #ptjob

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Name: FlickGraph
Product Type: Gif and Cinemagraph Creator.
Price: $67:00
Owners​: Andrew Darius - Explaindio LLC
Web Address:

Clicking the add video button allows you to browse your hard drive to upload a video.

The next screen opens up a crisp video display, you can adjust the video start and stop position from here. Also there's a very useful slider that lets you alter the speed of your cinemagraph replays at.​

There is the reverse option and also the bouncing option for your image.​ 

Once you have chosen your options you're a woman to change your still frame and carry on to edit to your project.

The same sweet and crisp intuitive flow follows through of editing process. Extras is that FlickGraph has that the other two don't have are easy in ways options. The ability to smooth out your layered edges, and also produce a video in 9:16 format as well as 16:9 Display.

 Even upon saving there are more options for outputs than Gifzign and Graphitii allow. 

3 Cinemagraph App For PC Video Reviews

Cinemagraph Software Summary

if you are looking for cinematograph software to use on your PC any of the above candidates are good pieces of software and would be a good choice. However Beckham only be one winner and these are the reasons of picked it.

  • App Integrity and stability 
  • App Speed
  • Interface / dashboard
  • Application features
  • Product costs
  • Overall user experience

 Software in integrity, dashboard/interface, application features​, cost and overall user experience.

 Now I called drag this out, but what's the point me there is a clear winner and it's FlickGraph. The user interface is really slick and flexibility of the program far surpasses the other two.

The ability to produce videos in the landscape and portrait Version is a real bonus.

If you have to turn your phone onto the side to watch a video, you're far less likely to watch the video to the end, compared to when the phone is in normal vertical portrait mode.

if you have to turn your phone onto the side to watch a video, you're far less likely to watch 100% the video, compared to when the phone is in normal vertical portrait mode.

 If you are looking for an affordable stable cinemagraph app for your PC, I would highly recommend FlickGraph.

Tried any of the above all any other Cinemagraph or gif creators you think we should know about - Or do you have an opinion on the ones I have reviewed? I would love to hear your comments below.

PT - Tony