Convertri Marketing Funnels – You Can Build Out Yours In No Time

So what if you too could have your funnel builder, your hosting, your shopping cart... All under one roof? 

Your funnels. Your hosting. Your shopping cart. All fully integrated. All in one app.

Anyone who's been through the process of creating marketing campaigns and generating significant sales and leads out of it can tell you how overly cumbersome the process is. With most lacking the required web design skills serves to complicate things even further. 

You probably know, for you to generate good online sales, you need a visual solution that works out of the box,  you don’t spend too much unnecessary time on building your pages so you can hit the ground running with your campaigns. 

Besides, you'll need integrated email capture forms, shopping cart, thankyou, delivery as well as sales pages, your site also needs to have high the ability to support stats: I know you understand the importance of stats - without them, it would be virtually impossible to measure your marketing progress.

To get the design, flow and analytical features you need would ordinarily require you to have different software solutions working together to drive your ultimate goals.

Convertri Marketing Funnels

Convertri Landing/Funnel Page Builder

Buying different software and integrating them in such a way to run your programs smoothly will not only be an expensive task but also not so easy to achieve. However, with Convertri marketing funnels, this hustle isn’t necessary. 

Actually, you won’t even need any real web design knowledge to use the Convertri landing page builder. Convertri does the heavy lifting by already having different solutions working together towards your marketing goal. 

Why it works so well...

Hands up this is the first of three videos that I've added to the post from Convertri. But there are some things where it's just better of you see for yourself, with your own eyes rather than me trying to explain the flexy shizzle Convertri can do. 


With Convertri, you'll have an easy way of creating sales pages; thanks to Convertri’s page builder. The page builder comes with many built in pages, which I advice you start with, however if you have a few ideas yourself some of the features of Convertri include a free-form editor.

This form editor gives you all the freedom you require in designing a form. The editor supports all the drag and drop of design elements into the page.

If you feel that the pre built layout of your page/form's features aren't pleasing, you can rearrange or delete them as you like. 

Heck check this ... 

You can even import any landing page you've built via url and start redesigning it as you wish. NB: This feature is built to copy across any text and images. Video's, interactive social feeds or widgets will need to be inserted again. Having this amount of flexibility is awesome when creating your sales funnels.

Convertri Funnel Planner In Action

In matters speed and page development, Convertri page builder creates very fast HTML pages thus eliminating any confliction that would otherwise occur on WordPress sites.

The fact that these pages have an HTML format makes them load faster, thereby delivering an excellent customer experience. 

WordPress isn't left out though, you can download their WP plugin and have your pages created with Concertri published on your wordpress site.

You can also incorporate page triggers to respond to various actions and behaviors exhibited by the user. For example, you can create an event that can be triggered in a page whenever a site visitor does something like hovering the cursor over certain hyperlinks.

Being a sales funnel, you will do all you can to improve your conversion rate, and the Convertri team know it.

They know that mobile devices account for a significant share of the web traffic. Because of that the Convertri editor has a mobile page creator which I see as a necessity in landing page builders.

With Convertri, you will have some effective search engine optimization tools. But another USP with this funnel builder, is you can clone and set up A/B Split testing of your pages. Split testing is probably one of the best ways to tweak for a high-converting page. 

Besides, the platform uses Snowplow to keep track of the clicking. FYI, snowplow has one of the highest click reporting accuracy on the net. You also get to understand how pages and their elements are converting.

This reporting is made possible due to the funnel-builder's capability to allow for the incorporation of deep-level data analysis tools into your target pages. With this, it is possible to understand how each page element including buttons and links are performing.

Hosting Pages Isn't A Problem

Assuming all these is not enough; Convertri funnel builder has its own hosting. Even with hosting your pages at Convertri you won't be disappointed. They offer reliable hosting space for all your pages. You'll benefit from their 400 plus servers that ensure that your pages never goes down. 

Just choose your vanity domain url and you're ready to go... so with Convertri marketing funnels you don't even need your own website!

Adding vanity url Convertri marketing funnels

The Convertri Price, for many a sticking point 

The primary sticking point for many 'new marketers' could be the affordability of the Convertri funnel membership. Paying a monthly membership fee of $59 may be a challenge. Yet with focus your first campaign using the Convertri marketing funnels will prove it's worth.

However expensive the monthly fee must seem, Convertri will be paying you back months into the future.

Convertri Marketing Funnels Roundup 

There may be a few tech issues that may phase you may encounter while using the Convertri funnel-builder. However, with the numerous training videos and tutorials you'll be OK maneuvering around the features that go with it.

Convertri is any marketer's solution to creating sales funnels with a lots of efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism and a whole load of other bells and whistles that go with it.

I've only really wanted to focus on the funnel builder elements in this Convertri review.

but I must tell you...

For your $59 you get a whole lot more than a funnel builder, but I didn't want to dilute what benefits using Convertri for yoru funnel solution. There really is so much more to Convertri than meets the eye.  

If you've been doing online marketing for a while, it's definitely a tool that is going to allow you to cancel a few subscriptions . If you want to get good leads and high conversion, it is worth giving a try.

PT - Tony

  • Brendon says:

    I am new to affiliate marketing and I have gotten to the point where I have been hearing more and more about sales funnels and email list.
    Have you used Convertri yourself? Is it also a good way to begin list building as many sales funnels include collecting email addressees?
    Also do you think they supply enough teaching to help me understand sales funnels? Or is this something i would benefit from when i have more experience?

    • PT - Tony says:

      Hi Brendon,
      Welcome, Yes, I’ve have a Full Convertri account. The emails are collected through your sales funnel, you can connect a number of integrations inc email autoresponders. There is a TON of info in their support area so no worries about getting stuck there .

  • Amazon LaShaun says:

    So there;s a lot more than meets the eye, Huh? From what I read, it already sounds like a great program. I can’t imagine what else they could give you. Adding that video was a nice touch. Thanks. It answered some questions that I was going to ask, but I’ll skip since the video covered. It’s seems way easier using that software than trying to write it on a dry erase board, which is what I’ve been doing. I might try it. Is there any kind of trial period?

    • PT - Tony says:

      Hey LaShaun, 

      You’re right it’s a pretty slam dunk for peeps moving away from the dry board 🙂

      Trial period? Well seeing’s you asked… if you’re wanting a trial hows 14 days for $1, I arranged a “special link” price form my readers at RBT (ratedbytony.com

  • Jude says:

    Thanks for the review and introducing this product. I like the Convertri for its price point against its broad spectrum of features. At $59/month, it is almost comparable to the professional plan of Leadpages. However, Leadpages can handle unlimited traffic whereas Convertri does about 25k. I think 25k is good for anyone who’s starting out. I like that you don’t need a website to start but for branding purpose, it’s really better to invest in your own domain.

    • PT - Tony says:

      Hi Jude, 

      Yep I agree the impressions a month is good enough for most. I have to admit the most traffic I’ve ever got is a steady 30K pm but that was for a whole site, soI reckon a lander will be good with 25K 😉

      Investing in your own domain makes perfect sense for setting up a website, and although you can use your own domain with Convertri, it’s common place to have the funnel on a alternate, ie: clickfunnels, leadpages, infusionsoft etc use subs too.

      Cheers for dropping your thoughts Jude.


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