Email Marketing Autoresponders For Small Business – Reaching Customers on a Budget

Internet marketing has changed a lot over the last few years thanks to the introduction of webinars, videos, and other modern marketing strategies. However, you still need emails to reach your potential clients in a much more personalized way. 

Without the use of emails, you will never be able to communicate new offers to your most loyal clients and customers.

For your business that means you will not get repeat sales. Investing in a reliable mail program allows you to increase your opening rates of your marketing emails, as well as reduced bounce back rates. which is why we're looking at email marketing autoresponders for small business.

However, not very email marketing tool delivers the expected results. On top of that, some may cost you a lot more than they are worth. The costs highlighted in red are for 10'000 subscribers. You have to consider other factors such as how trustworthy the tools are, and the safety of the network to avoid being hacked. It's with that in mind that we are going to review the top five mail responders.

Which email marketing autoresponders for small business?

Mad Mimi Autoresponder
The Mad Mimi autoresponder is designed to be a low cost autoresponder that allows you to send an unlimited number of emails per month.

That makes it one of the best low-cost email auto-responders you can get if your are just starting to build your email list. However, it has a limit on the number of subscriber emails that you can receive mails from.

1000 subscribers when you choose the $12 per month option, and 10,000 subscribers when you choose the $42 per month option. Overall, if you aren't keen on paying a monthly subscription, then this solution isn't meant for you.

Sendinblue Autoresponder
Sendinblue allows you to collect unlimited emails, but it restricts the number of emails that you can send per month.

Generally, you may like it if you are starting your business, and still building your email list, but your business hasn’t reached its full potential. Once you start sending your marketing emails, you will be restricted to 40,000 emails for a monthly subscription of $7.37 per month

To send unlimited emails per month, you will need to upgrade to their enterprise package. As you may expect from such a service, it is not a "fire and forget" sort of service, you will need to keep in mind the sending limits and monthly payments.

VerticalResponse Autoresponder
VerticalResponse autoresponder is the ideal solution for startups that are yet to build a massive email list.

You can use it freely if you have say only 300 contacts, and you are not planning to be sending more than 4,000 emails per month. Moreover, if you are a non-profit organization, you will be able to send up to 10,000 emails per month freely.

To send unlimited emails to 500 subscribers, you will need to pay $11 per month, while sending unlimited emails to 10,000 subscribers will cost you a minimum of $83 and maximum of $120 per month.

Infusionsoft Autoresponder
When it comes to best autoresponder features, then Infusionsoft autoresponder is among the very best. 

However, it will cost you a lot more than the others, exceeding even AWebers autoresponder. It's therefore not the very best for a newbie or affiliate marketing. However, if you have a massive mailing list and you want a reliable service, you may have considered them. 

To send an unlimited number of emails to 500 subscribers, it will cost you $99 per month, I don't consider that email marketing autoresponders for small business! While sending an unlimited emails to 10,000 subscribers will cost you $274 per month. It is therefore not what you would want to get if you are looking for a budget and fully reliable autoresponder services.

MyMailit Autoresponder
MyMailit email marketing software is the autoresponder you need if you are looking for a mailing solution that will allow you to start small and grow your mailing list without incurring additional cost each month. It also doesn't give you common issues such as failure to import some emails or limited functionality. It's a $97 one time fee

What you'll also get is a literal overnight increase in opens, clicks and profits, and of course emails delivery.

mymailit Email Marketing Autoresponders For Small Business

With the systems features it mean that even with a small email list, you will be able to make significant profit increases, which is what you need when you are starting your online email marketing journey.

You also won't have to pay monthly subscription fees, which is obviously a big plus for any business. PLUS, its GDPR-ready, allowing you to gives users forms that comply with 2018's email laws updates. To cap it all, you will be able to send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers, as well do follow-up sequences.

Email Marketing Autoresponders For Small Business - price savings

However, it worth saying is't a guarantee since every business is different and it all depends on the type of email you are sending. It would therefore be immoral, silly, and possibly criminal to guarantee your business will jump to profitability the moment you start using MyMailit email marketing autoresponders for small business.

Some of the worst experiences that you will get from certain email autoresponders where you pay a monthly fee is to wake up and find out they are not working. It could be because of failed renewal or some technical failure in effecting your monthly payment.

For you, that means you lose the trust of visitors who tried to use the form. A one time payment email autoresponder service will never give you such a headache.

The winner for small business email marketing is MyMailIt

Email Marketing Autoresponders For Small Business

If you invest in this email marketing software for a one-time payment of $97, you'll have total control on how you market and monetize your online business, and be able to send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers

Most importantly, you won't not have to pay monthly fees that threaten to end your marketing campaign if the payment fails to go through. I hope you found this review to be useful - especially if you're looking for a email marketing autoresponders for small business, you should check the advantages of the MyMailit autoresponder.