How to Grow Your Facebook Clothing Business

You’ve got an style, everyone knows it, you're passionate about fashion and you’ve decided you don’t want to work a 9-5 for the rest of you're life. You’re going to become an entrepreneur and start you're very online clothing business. 

The journey is undoubtedly one that many have taken, the Facebook marketplace has evidence of people just like you trying to get a clothing business off the ground. In this article I'll outline some great ways you can grow you're Facebook clothing business into a full time income.

Who are you're ideal brand customers?

In any business, knowing you're ideal customer avatar is important. However, for a clothing business, it’s absolutely imperative. With a clear vision of exactly WHO you're customer is, you can use the correct the language and conversation to build a trusting relationship with you're potential clients.


IE: If you're talking to a 25 yr old about a waterfall coat, they'll probably have no problem imaging you're coat, whereas a 55 yr old may not even know what a waterfall coat is. 

People who buy online you're cloths if they can relate to you and trust. So rather than randomly posting any clothing items you can source, think of what you're ideal customer will want. 

Is it luxury, quality, cheap alternatives, additional sizes, or even a completely new style, it’s worth thinking through to create a foundation for you're brand customers which will also serve as a guide in the future. 

When working out what you want you're brand to be, draw on you're own experiences and personality as a base. Your entire brand should, ideally, be a reflection of yourself. Consumers are cleverer than you think, and will immediately see through any generic, insincere branding attempts.

What is you're goal?

Your goal can be as big or small as you want, but while having a big goal is good for the distant future, you should also create some shorter-term, realistic goal for you're online business plan. The end goal doesn’t have to be for you website to become a global giant. 

Your site can exist as a passion project to earn a full-time income, or help you earn extra cash for holidays etc. The key is to figure out what you want.


A lot of new websites will focus on sales, it's the norm, but I encourage you to look at the long game. Start with making sure you can offer the best advice on fashion and products you can, will set up as a trusted vendor rather than just 'another clothing website'. 

How & what will you sell?

Next up, you need to work out how you plan to sell you're clothing. You are already selling a few items on Facebook, but how to grow to be selling a few items a day is the goal right?

These days, with technology working on you're side an ecommerce website is the best option for an online clothing business.

It keeps startup costs right down, plus as an affiliate you can start to sell stock that you don't actually hold, which opens up a whole new world of opportunities making an online clothing business model even more desirable. 

High street brands JD Williams, Adidas, Debenhams or even Macy's are just a few names that will pay you a commission for helping them to make another sale. 

You can even just use specific websites as you're affiliate partners like or which are both owned by Amazon to find great items to direct you're readers to. 

However if you want you're own website, building a functioning ecommerce website can be really easy these days, and cheap. You can build a basic Shopify site for as little as $29 per month, and it’s you’re good at the design side of things, you can make it look pretty cool with very little effort. 

If on a budget you can start with a free website and grow you're online clothing business. You can do that at with a woo commerce theme - the best thing about siterubix, this isn't a 30-day free trial. Siterubix give you free forever website you can sell and promote on which other free platforms like won't.


The great thing about using the affiliate model to grow you're Facebook clothing business is that you will never have to buy stock. Plus you get paid 7% commission on the clothing items you recommend and you're reader buy. No - it's not huge, but considering you'll have zero overheads it's a good deal, especially when you are aiming to be making a few sales a day.

Online marketing how to market it right?

Marketing starts with knowing you're target customer avatar, the ideal demographic, doing this reduces you're risk of failure, so identifying the right target market is important—it can make or break you're online clothing business. 

It’s important to do the basics right. When you’re working on you're online presence don’t be afraid to be honest and open. If a potential customer likes you're clothing but doesn’t trust you (or can’t navigate) you're websites they probably won’t order. 

Invest some time in writing you're about me page, you're images need to look great on the site so ensure that you have the same size images on all posts. Which will be really easy to do with something like canva or gimp. 

Secondly, it goes without saying that you will need a full and thorough marketing strategy that makes you stand out. The clothing market is unbelievably congested and extremely competitive. In general terms, it is always a good idea to build a strong social media presence through Facebook and Instagram. Via these channels, you can interact with you're website advocates directly and develop a clear “voice” for you're online clothing business.

You target audience, nine times out of ten, will spend their lives on these channels. Facebook’s model for ad targeting is so specific and niche these days that you can really reach the best audience for you're brand. 

Also, before you set up profiles on every single social media platform, make sure you're target market actually uses them. Instagram, for example, isn’t as widely used by people over age 40, so if you're range of garments targets that age group, it might be best to stick to Facebook rather than attempting Instagram too. 

Keep you're startup costs low

One of the main advantages of starting a online clothing business is that it is relatively easy to keep costs low initially.

Your largest overhead if you go via the affiliate model, which I recommend is you're time. Creating engaging posts and sourcing the right items will be where most of you're time will be spent.


From the outset, as I said, you can start yo online cloths business for free, but you should also consider buying you're own domain name and hosting once you are making regular passive income. 


When you start you're online clothing business, you’ll need to have a little patience, you probably wont be making 4 figures a month immediately.

Almost no one is born with the full stack set of skills to start and run a successful online business, so take the time to learn about the parts you don’t know as much much about.

Luckily siterubix also has a great training platform to teach you all about building a successful online business, yep that's free too... So you ready to grow you're Facebook clothing business?