10 Sites For Freelancers To Investigate

As the demand for highly skilled, specialized employees increases more businesses are turning to freelancers to fill those positions. As a result more peeps are realising there are good advantages to becoming a freelancer.

As I write this article, over 34% of people working in the U.S. are freelancers in some way or the other, add to that lifestyle groups like the digital nomads on facebook rising in popularity it's no wonder the movement is still growing. But it's not a walk in the park, getting the higher-paying gigs isn’t just a matter of signing up on popular platforms, you’ll have to network, build a great portfolio of work and maybe even prove yourself before getting the big bucks.

Still it has to be said, if you’re looking for another way to pay the bills, or seeking more professional opportunities you may find that you'll love the freedom that freelancing gives you. Add to that freelancers are finding that they’re able to make just as much as they did working regular ft-jobs.

Here’s a list of the 10 sites to find work as a freelancer.


Upwork website splashpage

With over 1.5 million clients, Upwork offers something for every type of freelancer. It has both short- and long-term projects, hourly or per-project work with expert-level and entry-level gigs. Upwork is likely to have something for you regardless of where you are in your career, The platform has close to 9 million freelancers. Upwork uses a chat interface to allow customers and freelancers to match and start on projects quite quickly.


specialized freelancer toptal webpage image

If you’re an experienced and talented software engineer looking to work with top clients, Toptal is definitely one option you should look into. They've an impressive client portfolio including Art.sy, J.P. Morgan, Airbnb, Axel Springer and more. Clients reach out to Toptal when they're looking for great developers and they're willing to pay for it. You’ll also be able to join the Toptal community for frequent meetups and tech events.

With a totally different approach than the other services on this list, passing Toptal’s interview and screening process includes submitting your work and then getting on a call with them. If you're accepted will give you the chance to work with some great clients and set your own rates without worrying about bidding wars.


freelancer website image

If you have a competitive streak and love a challenge, Freelancer lets you to compete with other freelancers in contests to prove your skills. If you’re competitive and confident in your abilities, it’s a great way to showcase your skills and attract clients.

With millions of projects posted, winning a contest is a great way to get your name out there as a top new freelancer.


craigslist homepage image

Most people see Craigslist as a platform for buying and selling stuff, it’s actually a pretty good source of freelance jobs too. You can easily browse for local gigs, or you can search by major cities if you would rather be working remotely. It's not for everyone, but I'd it's say worth a peek anyhoo.


Guru freelancers splash page

This site lets you easily showcase your past work experience and offers a daily job-matching feature to make sure you can keep an eye out for new opportunities. Guru.com keeps you engaged and makes freelancing easy keeping track of your commitments and work hours. Guru has extended projects such as management and finance gigs that may suit you better.


99designs is a little more niche focused on freelance designers, and in ways similar to freelancer. 99designs lets you compete in design contests and get feedback as clients who are able to choose the best ones.

With thousands of design contests, it’s a great way for aspiring designers to hone skills and prove themselves, you'll receive feedback on your work, hopefully win clients. However it also can mean you will spend hours creating work that may never gets used, apart from in your portfolio!


Freelance Jobs at PPH image

Whatever your skill set designer, web developer, SEO specialist, writer etc., peopleperhour is definitely worth checking out. You can search for jobs which are literally constantly being submitted by folks. In addition to boost your chances of landing gigs you can create a profile and showcase your skills and past work.

Freelancers can browse for jobs based on skill level, a multitude of categories as well as fixed priced work or hourly paid gigs. There is a simple process to go through to be able to sell your services that ensures you set up a decent profile.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance Writing Jobs Website front page image

Freelance Writing Gigs is a great option for freelancers who have a way with words. An excellent option if you're a writer, editor, blogger, publisher or any combination thereof. It’s the site of choice for language-minded freelancers, and features lots of excellent writing resources to help its users improving their skills.


Project4Hire bills itself as "connects hiring clients with freelance programmers, web designers, graphic artists, IT specialists, translators, writers, virtual assistants, HR consultants, bookkeepers, paralegals, and other contractors".

Unfortunately there's not the huge amount of gigs to choose from once you dig down into the many project categories, They may make it easy to identify jobs that suit your skillset, but there aren't that many jobs really... Which may work in your favour who knows!


SimplyHired has millions of job postings in an extremely wide range of categories. SimplyHired is perfect for everyone from salespeople to construction workers. It includes a blog with hiring tips, a company directory and location-based search. With listings ranging from personal care to building maintenance, it’s sure to have something for people with almost any skillset... and they've got good Apps too!

My Freelancer Recommendations

Whether you’re a programmer, designer, expert, college student or something in between,with tons of great freelancing platforms available across a wide range of industries, earning money and improving professionally as a freelancer is easier today than ever before.

You're sure to find a platform that fits you, so check out the sites above to get started today why don't ya - yep I know it's hard to know where to start right?

I got ya back - 2 resources that I can defo recommend.
  • Option #1 for starters - If you're really new to the whole freelancing game let me introduce you to Ben Matthews. He's a UK based freelancer who's got a bucket of great information for freelancers.

  • Option #2 for Intermediate/advanced - I've you've been freelancing for a while and already earning money from it you may want to really ramp up your freelancing to be your main income stream.

    I'd highly recommend Liam's Freelancelift course. 

Do you have any experience freelancing? 
is it something that you'd consider?

I'd like to know if you've tried freelancing, who did you try it with and what were your own experiences...?

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