Helping You Find The Right Keywords

​This week I've been chatting to a few peeps about the importance to sticking to a targeted keyword plan and the value of a good KWFinder.

It's often overlooked, finding and using the right keywords really is a make or break step when launching your website. Get it wrong and it's like you're writing on a ghost blog - pure tumbleweeds!

During the screen share we came across KWfinder, new to me, but an easy to use keyword tool . I love finding new marketing tools so decided to give it a whirl and review for you.

KWFinder is designed specifically for long-tail keyword research. It's primary focus is for finding keywords with pretty low competition.

These types of keywords are primarily used by people who are at the later stages of the buying process.

They've already gone through the 'broader' search terms to research the kind of product they want.

Now they have arrived at the product and are often looking for the 'review" or product specific named items. ​

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$00:00 - $24 mth

Long tail keywords are usually longer phrases or even sentences that users will type in the search bar when looking for products to buy.

Optimising search page results for long tail keywords can make a huge difference for small businesses.

When starting out they usually won't be able to compete with larger 'broader terms" in their niche market place. It is this starter website profile that KWfinder has the most benefit for.

What Is All About?

kwfinder splash image

KWfinder is run by Mangools a small independent start up that established itself in 2014. They run a few platforms including SERP and focus on producing SEO tools for smaller business. The first version of KWfinder was launched in August 2014.

For a small business start-up, creating an SEO tool that has survived for three years in a competitive environment like SEO tools is impressive.

A Closer Look At KWFinder

The KWfinder is a SEO tool that is designed to inform business of the best keywords to use in their specific niche. The setup consists of a simple search bar where users can type in the keywords related to their business.

At first visit the website is very clean looking and the user experience is excellent with easy to navigate functions. Even though very clean there are several options available at the kwfinder app screen.

What kwfinder does

If you've a local business it's recommended you use the location and language options (5&6) to refine your search to specific country's and locales. A very valuable tool for smaller local business.

I'll go over what's available, but there's a thorough user guide on their website .

There's also a Blog with some really useful info, plus an SEO academy attached too. ​

  • # 1 You can import a text file
  • # 2 Save keywords to a list
  • # 3 You can pull up your search history
  • # 4 Chosen keyword field
  • # 5 Choose the geographical location
  • # 6 Set your language options
  • # 7 Use the Google auto complete function to find keywords
  • # 8 Get questions based around your keyword
  • # 9 Generate your results here

Once your search is complete, KWfinder will return a list of appropriate long tail keywords that, if applied, will improve a websites SERP's (where it appears on a search page) on search engines. The KWfinder will provide a list of results related to the broader short-tail keyword used in the search. It will also produce a graph and a rating, out of 100, for keyword difficulty.

Keyword difficulty roughly translates as how competitive a keyword is, or how much that keyword is being used by other websites. Using the lower rated keywords will give a business the edge over its competitors.

Results Panel Metrics

On the left panel, you will find other suggestions based on the main keyword. There are following metrics:

Trend – trend of search in the last 12 months
Search – average monthly search volume (exact match) in the last 12 months
CPC – average cost per click of the listed keyword
PPC – level of competition in PPC advertising
DIFF – SEO difficulty of a keyword, based on SEO stats
DA – Domain Authority predicts how well a website will rank on search engines
PA – Page Authority (developed by Moz) predicts how well a specific page will rank
MR – MozRank of the URL, a link popularity score reflecting the importance of said site on the web
MT – MozTrust of the URL is similar to MozRank, but rather than measuring link popularity, it measures trustworthiness of the link

At the beginning, KWFinder calculates SEO rank for every page on the first page of Google SERP. This rank is mainly based on the quality of the link profile and Moz metrics. Moreover, it takes into consideration Domain Authority (Moz) of each page. Once they have the rank of every page, it generates an average of these, which represents the SEO difficulty.

The upper-right panel tells you about the SEO difficulty and shows search volumes during the last 12 months as a bar graph.

kwfinder results page

What It Means

Google SERP – top results from Google search for the selected keyword.
Overall SEO score is computed as the competitiveness of the top 10 pages.
Red colour = big SEO competitiveness.

Green colour = low SEO competitiveness.
FB – the number of Facebook shares for the URL
G+ – the number of Google+ shares for the URL
Rank – SEO competitiveness rank – the higher it is, the harder it is to compete. (min = 0; max = 100)
Est. visits – estimated visits per month on this SERP position

UX - ease of use

KWfinder is an extremely easy tool to use. This is because it all starts from a simple search bar, that's kinda smart behind the scenes. The platform itself is a plain design and the ratings function makes it easy to understand how to apply the information it returns.

The limited number of functions available also serve to simplify usage. The interface is well designed and easy to navigate and results are all displayed on one page. It is a great tool for an introduction into SEO strategy.

And even if you're new to keyword research and tools, there are some really good guides that are well written and easy to understand over on the kwfinder website under the knowledge tab.

Pick KWfinder Free or Paid Version

Before I start it's important for you to understand that membership of automatically gives you access to their other SEO tools at no extra price. SerpChecker does just what it says on the tin with more tools coming online soon (like serp watcher) so all in all, KWfinder is good value from that standpoint.

The KWfinder tool is the cheapest tool available for SEO. It costs nearly half the price of larger SEO tools like MOZ, Spyfu and SEMrush. The most basic package is free. This option gives you up to 3 keyword searches a day.

You can increase the amount of keyword searches allowed by paying more. The longer you commit the cheaper the costs are. It can be as low as $12 a month for an annual contract. Premium contracts allow access to more tools and functionality from Mangol such as SERP checker and SERP watcher.

Who KWfinder For?

KWfinder is a tool that caters for those looking for a simple/starter SEO strategy to help improve their initial business awareness. It's a great tool for a new website to build a list of "low hanging keywords" that will allow them to gain some market share in the online market place.

It is easy to use and won't be confusing if you've a limited knowledge of how keywords and SEO works.

The simple search bar and ratings results make it very easy to understand and use. I think that given its limited functions KWfinder is may not a particularly suitable tool for a longer term SEO strategy. However most certainly, overall, a good introduction to the keyword tool marketplace.

  • $0 starter price point
  • All Benefits at any price points
  • Simple to use
  • Training and support is offered
  • Full functionality, but results are limited

The pro´s for me are the price and the simplicity of use. You don't have to have an in depth knowledge of Search engines to use the tool and it will improve your businesses search engine ranking.

The ability to refine searches to specific locales is an extremely valuable tool for local businesses that is unavailable on most SEO tools.

The con´s really are the short term nature of KWfinder. As easy as it is to start using, the limited functions mean you can't really create a longer term SEO strategy.

Improving a webpage performance is not solely dictated by Keywords so you will need to use KWfinder alongside some other SEO tools to really optimize your businesses online visibility.

When you do find the right keywords you want to rank for, using the Yoast SEO plugin is one of the best and most popular plugins that you can use to maximise your on-page keyword SEO.

KWFinder Overview

Overall KWfinder is a perfect tool to introduce your business into the SEO market place. You don't need to be an expert with computers to use it and it's very affordable. The price factor is a big part for me because it reduces the risk in investing in an SEO strategy. It is a bit one dimensional and after utilizing the basics it will likely be worth investing in a more comprehensive tool.

However if you're a new website owner, all the jargon and terminology can be confusing at times, and a keyword tool like this really makes life easy. Not to mention the benefits of having full access to all of the functions regardless of the price point.

KWFinder Review Summary

Website Home Page
Product/Site Owners
Front End Price
Our Rating

$00:00 starter to $24 pm Premium

A great keyword tool that's especially useful for starter websites. There's a simple user interface hiding a very powerful suite of search functions that you'll find both useful and intuitive.

A tool like KWFinder is great it's one you should certainly give a try, especially if you're looking to establish a new website, as finding those keywords that will get a foot in the door is crucial!

Please do share your thoughts on how easy or hard you found using KWFinder. Do let us know below in the comments below.