Affiliate Marketing – Boosting Your Income Online Part Time

Steve has been wondering if he can really earn decent income online part time, whilst still earning a full-time income?

Yet in truth that isn’t really the real question on his mind…

Steve is 48, works in sales in a local Audi dealership, he separated from his wife 6 years ago and they have 2 children together. A daughter Zoe, who’s 15 yrs old, she really doesn’t know what she want’s to do when she leaves school, except, go to university, which is going to cost money!  Josh, Steve’s son is 12 yrs old, like most boys of his age Josh loves playing computer games and has a passion for sports, especially football.

There’re rumours of layoffs at Steve’s workplace, as business is so slow and no-one feels safe. Steve and his ex- partner have a good relationship, but he doesn’t want to tell her about his work woes, and is still committed to providing for his children’s future.

You see, Steve knows that it can be done, he just doesn’t know exactly how! He surfs the net every night looking at information, but there are so many websites with so many different messages that he just doesn’t know where to start. All he is certain of is that the world wide web plays a huge part in the income stakes.

Steve’s story isn’t an unfamiliar one!

The truth of the matter is, anyone, even you, can earn a decent income online part time with affiliate marketing, and you don’t need a computer degree to do it. In fact, the process is rather simple.

The way that regular people have turned 20 hours a week into 5 figure incomes is by leveraging the internet. They’ve connected with people that have the same hobbies, goals, passions or dreams.

There are many success stories and you probably even recognise a few of them: Pat Flynn, Marie Forleo, Neal Patel, Tim Ferris and Ash Ambirge are all regular folks that have turned their passion for helping others, into thriving internet businesses.

[bctt tweet=”You see, it doesn’t really matter what excites you if you’re driven to help others achieve!” username=”smartdads”]

So it’s not just Steve, there’s a whole generation looking at ways to work fewer hours a day whilst improving their financial situation. It’s a culture being adopted my many, and they are becoming the ‘work from home crew’ changing the status quo of conventional income earning.

There’s probably someone living in the same area you are, earning a full-time income via the internet.

The internet has made it possible for anyone with drive and passion for becoming a well-paid entrepreneur,… to do so.

The proof is out there, with many methods tried and tested.

There’s one particular business model that I’d advised beginners try first, it certainly allows you to earn full-time money working part time hours and it’s called affiliate marketing.

We shall embark on this journey together, and in the next few weeks, we’ll learn how crafting a part-time job with full-time income opportunities work.

Steve just loves Audi – his passion is obvious!

Steve spends hours a week in various Audi auto forums, he’s particularly interested in the Audi RS4 and Audi S3. Forever researching the new models coming out, answering questions and seeking information on upgrades and tweaks that all the other Audi ‘petrol heads‘ are discussing.

In fact, Steve is seen as a bit of an expert by his friends and buddies in the online forums. So much so that he’s become the go-to guy when it comes to questions regarding customising the latest model of RS4 called the B7.

Income Online Part Time

Steve’s Favourite The Audi RS4 B7

Steve currently makes £23’000 a year as a full-time car salesman.
How will he make that kind of money, will part-time job with full-time income work for Steve?

Introducing affiliate marketing

How do we do it, how can we make money online? That’s the 1st question that has to be answered, it’s a lot simpler than you may think!

It’s a simple fact that any business wants more market share. Nike wants more people to wear their gear and Sony wants a new TV in every household. Moreover, they’ll both pay you a commission on every sale if you can help them to achieve that, actually, 98% of brands will pay you (their affiliate) to help them get more market share, or in basic terms, make more sales!

As I said earlier, It’s not as difficult as you may think to get paid from activities that you do online. Amazon, for instance, will pay you up to 9% in commissions if you ‘recommend‘ their products on their websites that lead to a sale. For example:

If you yourself have a Sony Bravia TV, you will have a real customer perspective of how the TV operates, in ‘real life‘ scenarios.

  • You’ll know how easy or hard it was to set up,
  • You’d know if the wall brackets were included or not,
  • You’d have first-hand knowledge of sound quality,
  • You’d know what the picture quality is like …etc

Now, there are lots of other people looking at getting a new Sony TV, and they are searching for reviews on the Bravia model. In essence, you could write your own review on the TV. Knowing that Amazon will pay you a nice percentage if your review leads to a buyer clicking through to Amazon and making a purchase.

Another bonus to using Amazon as a place to send potential buyers, is that you’ll make a commission on everything that they buy. Not just the TV they went to look at in the first place!

With the millions of items available for sale on Amazon, it’s a great partner to have in online business. Plus, in case you were wondering, it doesn’t cost a penny to become an Amazon partner and get paid commissions for recommendations.

Success with online marketing

Steve has a great chance of success with online affiliate marketing because he’s not selling, Steve’s known for helping and advising, he’s recommending the right solution for a specific problem. That’s the huge distinction between success and failure for those wanting to use the internet to work part-time hours and earn a full-time income.

Steve knows that each and every Audi is a little different, and there’s a multitude of options available for customization depending on your budget, your car setup, and your final vision.

When marketing online, I’ve learnt it’s not all about me, it’s not about what I’ve done or can do. It’s about listening and understanding what reservations, pain points and questions you have, and steering you in the right direction so you can find a solution that fits your problem.

Looking at Steve’s activity in the Audi forums, he’s built good relationships and gained people’s trust. That puts Steve in a great position to start earning commissions from recommendations from products and services that his fellow petrolheads are looking for.

In our example Steve could earn commissions on all types of car related products, giving his perspective of what works best in what situation,… and he isn’t limited to the obvious Audi customization parts, there’s;

Wheels, tyres, trim, engine parts, polish, cleaning and detailing tools the list is endless. So with earning 9% on sales of items he recommends, the real question is how long will it take for Steve working his passion to generate a full time income online part time?

Written once visible forever – helping more and more people every day!

At the heart of an online business is a website, and even though technically you don’t need a website to earn money online. It’s a lot easier to be taken seriously, and be seen as an authority on a subject if you do.

10 years ago it would have been a specialist task to build a website. However these days with automation anyone can create the framework of a website in a couple of minutes… literally!

… more on that later

With a website, you have a place where people with the same passions as you can read about your experiences, your views, and your recommendations.  Your website can become a hub which will give you an opportunity to attract like minded people, build trust and continue to share your knowledge.

If they like your honesty, and your non-pushy opinion they’ll probably click through to Amazon, Best Buy, PC World or whichever vendor you choose to partner with to take a look or buy your recommendations. Which in turn results in commissions. 🙂

Thanks to the internet, you can connect with and share experience and similar passions with people all around the world. And you’ll be surprised how many people like and want a Sony Bravia TV!

Have you noticed how many regular people are blogging about regular household items they use and love, and sharing their blog posts on the multitude of social networks available? Can you also see how they can quite easily turn what they do into a income online part time?

Income Online Part Time Taking Your First Steps May Be Scary

Yep, it’s true it can be scary, especially if you’re brand new to the concept of making passive income online. However, it needn’t be. There are thousands of others who have already taken their first steps. Thousands of other like-minded people looking to use the internet to help boost their finances.

There are thousands of others who have already taken their first steps. Thousands of other like-minded people looking to use the internet to help boost their income.

What I’ve found is if you follow a ‘proven‘ blueprint failure only occurs when you give up.  I’ll show you the blueprint and where you can get instant access to the getting started course I used to start my own online business.

With the right training, you’ll grow your online business quickly, with the wrong training, you’ll never make a penny. I’ve spent thousands of dollars buying and trying different training courses so you won’t need to. I’ll tell you what I use and the best alternatives too.

As and when you need new and different skills, we’ll find, review and choose the tools, products and tutorials that will get you to the next step.


… Back to creating the framework of your website, in literally a couple of minutes.

part time job full time income steps

Let’s take the first step


Here's the dealio...

There's 4 steps EVERY affiliate marketer takes to make money online.
Learn them, Execute them and start earning online!

PT - Tony

  • Steph says:

    Very thorough post! As someone who is just starting in the world of online businesses and passive income, this was a great, and very motivational read!

    I like the little story about Steve in the beginning. Makes things relatable.

    Great guide for someone who is just starting or perhaps hasn’t even started yet! I’m currently working 6 days a week, for a decent amount of money, but still not enough for the lifestyle I truly want – and I have very little time to myself as it’s also an hour commute. So I can relate to your topic here very well, thanks for sharing!

    • PT - Tony says:

      Hi Steph,

      Thanks a bunch for your kind words. I certainly do want to motivate folks to take the first steps at the very least.
      I can totally relate to your 6-day scenario and still needing that little extra to be truly comfortable. With the time left in the day, it’s a testament that you’re serious about changing your status quo as it stands. I’m certain in the coming weeks you’ll find a few nuggets of information to help you reach your personal goals quicker.

      Thanks for your comments Steph

  • Danny says:

    What an outstanding, well written page. This really gives a clear perspective as to what is possible with internet marketing. Not that its super easy, but its simpler than most people think. If you go to the right program, get good training and advice, you could potentially be unstoppable. Very inspiring post. Great job!

    • PT - Tony says:

      Hey Danny,

      Thanks a bunch for your awesome comments.
      … and you’re so right, it’s definitely not easy. yet with the right encouragement, guidance and support it can be achieved by anyone that doesn’t give up and implements what they learn.

      Cheers again Danny.

  • Tiffany says:

    Great post! Very specific to the process of making money online. I am definitely one of those viewers who seek advice and opinions from others on everyday products and recipes. Now that I know they are making an income from it, I am happy to help contribute to their wealth while learning something or gaining knowledge of a specific topic I was in search of.
    I am looking forward to turning my opinions and suggestions into income for my family.

    • PT - Tony says:

      Hi Tiffany,

      You and me too, I’m a recipie hunter too :o)
      But apart from us I reckon that everyone uses internet search and recommendations probably daily.
      There’s opportunity under every stone almost…
      I’M looking forward to you turning your opinions and suggestions into income too!

      Cheers for commenting Tiffany

  • Jovo says:

    Hi, nice story and you wrote it well. The idea is OK but the reality is that you have to work really hard to do anything online. A lot of time is needed to generate a good traffic to your site, without it there is no business. By good traffic I mean at least 1000 of people on your site daily. This is all about big numbers. I can tell you this is terribly hard. I am sure that there are others who manage through some shortcut but those are exceptions, typically it is as I describe it here. So I would not argue with you, but from my perspective it is very tough.

    • PT - Tony says:

      There’s no denying that the work is challenging, but I wouldn’t say hard. Also theres only a lot of time to generate ‘organic’ traffic. So yoru numbers of 1000 hitting a page isn’t unrealistic, whichever way you look at it.

      I’m of the persuasion that things are only as difficult as you want them to be. I’m working in the background getting things ready, hopefully I’ll have a few ‘shortcuts’ that will help you get closer to your goals too.

      Thanks a bunch for leaving ypru thoughts and experience… thus far!


  • Travis Smithers says:

    Working part time to get a full-time income is certainly appealing. All the things you mentioned make a lot of sense and seem great. To check out all the steps required is something that interests me very much.

    Do you find the beginning will take more time to set up and get things happening or the amount of time makes no difference?

    • PT - Tony says:

      Hi Travis,

      The beginning (when you’re brand new to affiliate marketing) I’d consider it all to be a learning process, as well as an income stream. However, to be realistic, it will always take longer for the first few sites to start to generate a steady flow of sales/income.
      PS: the steps will be here soon!


  • Brian says:

    Wow, that is one of the best posts I’ve read online! You hit the nail on the head on how to make money online and the best way to do that is to HELP people with the knowledge and expertise you may have on any given subject/niche.

    You know I think many people forget that when trying to make money online, you are to help first meaning putting others ahead of you. Once people see that you are genuine and offer help for a specific need or problem they have, the money will start coming in. Great stuff!

    • PT - Tony says:

      Hey Brian,

      Thanks for those awesome words.
      Hopefully I’ll be able to help a lot more see that view.

  • christinamk says:

    This is a super thorough article and contains a lot of excellent information. I have learned so much reading through it. Your example makes it really easy to understand and see how starting an online business and making affiliate commissions can really work! Thank you for putting all of this info together, it is very useful to me.

    • PT - Tony says:

      Hi Christina,

      Thanks for your kind words. Glad to hear that you got something out of it.
      I aim to just keep spilling the beans on how to make it work!

      Thanks a bunch for dropping by and commenting – see you again hopefully!


  • Kris says:

    Thanks for a really great article on earning some extra money from home. I really liked the case study of Steve, you are right, he does sound so familiar! The way you write is very clear and concise and easy to read.
    Taking your the first steps into the internet world can be quite scary but the right tools and support can certainly make it less so.
    Cheers, Kris

  • Simon says:

    Hi Tony,
    I’ve found this such an interesting read as I’m stuck what to do next and would love to create passive income.
    With the right training and support I feel confident I can build a web page, it’s all new to me but I am willing to learn.
    I understand about the affiliate part and passive income section but how on earth am I going to drive traffic to my website in-order to create income. Isn’t this just geared up for big business and does the small guy really have a chance?
    Looking forward to your reply,

  • Liz says:

    Great article and excellent breakdown of ideas in relation to what Steve could do to better his situation for not a whole lot more work on his part given that he already has all the knowledge. And who knows, starting a side hustle in a similar area to his work might even make him better at his job or lead to other opportunities within the company due to the extra research he might be putting in to educate his audience online. It is a new world that is for sure, and I think we would all be wise to build a little something on the side of what we already do-which could end up being the full time thing we do with part time hours.

    • PT - Tony says:

      Hey Liz,

      Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment. Sure is a brave new world and a side hustle, as you say can easily turn into full time income if it’s something you love to do.

  • RuthM says:

    Interesting! I like the story you have used to illustrate your point. I find it quite easy to identify with this situation.

    LIfe is tough and I don’t think there are many people out there who LOVE their jobs and love working for someone else.

    Everyone who had a say in it would say that they want to work for themselves and online business does seem the way, but how do you know what to do?

    This article provides some real thought into how to get started. Can’t wait for the next step!

    • PT - Tony says:

      Hey Ruth,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your thoughts.
      Yep, there are a lot of peeps looking to break free and see what the internet can offer.

      Hopefully I’ll be able to help a bunch of ’em, and you on the right track :o)

  • lizp says:

    Wow, what a great post! Great examples. They make me feel like I can do it too! It seems pretty easy.

    Is it possible just to review stuff on a website? My husband and I buy a lot of different kinds of things online and I was thinking that that would be interesting. Or should I focus on just one specific thing? I’m not very sure!

    Thanks again for the great post and the help, in advance 😉


    • PT - Tony says:

      Hiya Lizp,

      hehe – well that’s why I wrote it, as I really do want you to know you CAN do it too!

      It’s certainly possible to review items on your website… I’d usually advise that when starting a new, it’s best to stick to one interest(niche area) Which is the topic of the next post – Yet saying that, I do have a website that I use to review all types of items that does pretty well, however… I do have tied it to an area. ie: http://www.kansashomereviews.com – that’s not my site but you get the picture I hope :o)

      Cheers for popping by.


  • Ronald says:

    Your post has a great approach and methodology in educating the readership about online marketing. This is a perfect fit for someone who needs guidance and a helping help when things become blurred…

    You really outline the benefits of a web presence and how sustainable an online business can become. I think you have done a smart job for the newbie who seeks out a legitimate business opportunity!

    • PT - Tony says:

      Hey Ronald,
      Cheers for the props, if I can connect with any ‘newbies’ looking to delve into the world of making money via the internet I’m on the right track.

      Cheers for passing by and having a say :o)


  • caisaki says:

    Many online marketing businesses have been scams which is why people are wary of joining these programs. I have been reading a lot of reviews about them too, but I have to agree that there are legit programs out there, and I have joined a few of them too. Thanks for a great informative post and good luck on your online business!

  • chris says:

    Hello PT-Tony

    I like your post “part time work that earns a full time income” it was very good as I could relate and that it is achievable to make money online. It was very clear and easy understand online marketing by the way you wrote it. taking the first step’s is agreat way of putting it.
    Thanks it was very helpful

  • Ralph says:

    I have heard of affiliate marketing for a long time now, but wasn’t sure what it was really about. Also, I have also always wanted to start an online business, but have always been afraid to. I could def see myself doing this part time and if all goes well, moving to full time and wealthy affiliate seems like they want to help their members learn instead of promise riches. very interested in learning more.about this. Thanks!

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