Can You Use Powtoons To Earn PT Income Working From Home?

The short answer to this is a big Yes!

A lot of internet users have discovered ways of earning money through the animated video content they create using Powtoon -  #1 way I recommend you start online.

However, before we delve into these income-generating ideas, here’s a summary of what the Powtoon animation software is all about. 

Overview of Powtoon

Put simply; PowToon is a web-based animation software that is incredibly effective and user-friendly. 

It's been created to put an end to boring presentations!

Powtoon video UX

PowToon lets you create some awesome presentations, and ones that are not solely based on slides or continuous walls of text. 

Instead, these presentations incorporate animations which not only grab people’s attention, but also keep them interested in your presentation.

Although PowToon places a few restrictions through the pre-designed templates, it does provide an excellent platform for beginners who have never created videos leave alone animated presentations. The less tech-savvy can try the free version before subscribing for the paid plans that offer more advanced features.

No real experience needed

To get started, all you need to do is click the “Start Now” button. You can make new presentations in one of two ways: choose a pre-designed PowToon or start from scratch. Once you’ve selected the template to work with, you’ll be directed to an editing window. 

The look and feel of this program are pretty similar to PowerPoint. There’s a media library filled with tons of images, preconfigured animated components, backgrounds and speech bubbles. But you also have the freedom to import your own videos and images in case you want to give the presentation a personal touch. 

Pricing plans and features


As mentioned earlier, you can create your own PowToon account for Free. Just register using your email address, create a password and you’re good to go.

Alternatively, you can sign up using your Facebook account and jump in that way. With this free package, you’ll be able to:

  • Create animations upto 3 minutes long
  • Export presentations to PP and PDF
  • Add charts & graphs with animations
  • share-square
    100 MB of storage
  • Choose from 46 royalty-free tunes & 16 template styles

If you don’t mind the PowToon logo on your animated presentations, you can use their free plan for as long as you want.  

If you want more features, you can look into their Pro Plan, which goes for $89 per month or $19 per month if billed yearly.

With this package, you can have the logo removed as well as:

  • Creating videos of 15 minutes in length
  • Improved video quality and resolution
  • Collaboration with other users
  • 2GB of storage
  • 88 royalty-free tunes and 24 styles. 
  • Complete control over the privacy configurations

For those who want to go big on what PowToon has to offer, the Business Plan costs $197pm ($59 pm if billed annually). You’ll get all the features that the Pro Plan offers plus extras such as full HD quality and resolution, 10 GB of storage, and infinite options when it comes to royalty-free songs and styles.

Concession plans

📌 It's worth noting that if you're a student you can take advantage of The Powtoon for education price point. The features are on par with the pro account including the 27/7 support, just with student pricing 🎓

If you'd like to use the advanced features of PowToons but don't want to be tied to a subscription, they even have that covered. You can pay per export with their bundle packages. 

How Powtoons Earn PT Income

There are several ways of earning money through Powtoon. For one, subscribers of the software’s Agency plan have the freedom to resell their Powtoons through third-party resell rights.

Similarly, if you’ve subscribed to the Pro+ or Pro plans, you’re allowed to monetize your Powtoon animated videos on YouTube.

There are two main ways of earning money through the YouTube Partner Program. One, you can incorporate ads on your Powtoon videos, and two, by having YouTube Red subscribers watch your content. 

Although some peeps are skeptical, computer animation is a gig with potential for good financial rewards. Every day, animated content is becoming popular not only among those who appreciate good comedy, but also those looking to be better informed. 

Nonetheless, the Powtoon animation content needs to be really good for you to monetize it. Here are a couple of tips to improve the quality of your Powtoon videos:

Stick to the rules of video making

PowToon provides a platform where you can create engaging and captivating content. However, this does not imply that your videos can exist in a vacuum, where no video-production rules apply. Ideally, any animated video that you make, needs to:

  • 1
    Grab the attention of visitors right off the bat by excluding unnecessarily long introductions
  • 2
    Cover the most important details of your presentation. For instance, if it’s for marketing purposes, the content should feature the service or product that your company offers.
  • 3
    Be as brief as possible without losing value. The good thing with animated videos is that most people will watch them no matter how long they are. However, the most recommended length for a marketing video is 90 seconds tops.
  • 4
     Remember not everyone will have the sound turned up. It’s a good idea to include some text on the screen, highlighting the key points. 

Creating Your PowToon

powtoon-make it yourself
📌🎞  Choose a Powtoon Style

This may sound like a no-brainer but it’s worthy emphasizing- pick a visual style that puts your message across clearly. Powtoon offers lots of styles that are really nice but not all of them can express your information in the same way. 

These animated figures are suitable in some contexts but in other situations they won’t work. So it’s not so much about how much you like a specific style but how well that Powtoon style conveys your message. 

📌 🎞  Have someone check your timings

One of the things you need to check in your animated video is that each scene transitions smoothly to the next one. While most Powtoon users are able to accomplish this, they neglect the duration allocated for each slide. Sometimes the slides move so fast the readers are not able to absorb the information on each piece. 

As a video creator, you might not even see this because you’re too close to the whole thing. Often, you have to review each slide a few times. And since you’re the one who came up with the content in the first place, it’s likely that you’re reading the text much faster than others would. 

📌 🎞  Always start with the narration

It is a lot easier to match a Powtoon animation to your narration than it is to match a narration to a particular animation. As such, it’s advisable to start by jotting down the script, keeping the software in mind.

Once you record the script, you can then look for corresponding visual content. Also, as pointed out under the first point, ensure the visual content is comprehensible without the narration. This way, even those who are hard of hearing can benefit from it. 

Why PowToon presentations earn PT Income

There are many ways of sharing information over the internet. But why would you prefer Powtoon presentations videos to written text?

Here are a few reasons why animated video presentations are much better than infographics or text.

✅ Powtoon presentations are video!

One of the reasons Powtoons works is because they are rich media. Overall, videos create very captivating and engaging media training moments. These presentations appeal to an individual’s senses in ways that written text can’t. 

Based on research studies, at least 90% of the information that gets transmitted to the brain is visual. Plus, the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text. It means that by creating Powtoon animations, you’ll be reaching a larger audience than you would if you used other forms of media.

Powtoons Earn PT Income
✅ Powtoons are psychologically appealing

If there's one fond memory from your childhood, it’s one where you stayed glued to the TV watching cartoons right? The reason why Powtoon videos are so fascinating is because they’re colorful and fun. 

There’s just something about moving objects that appeals to the human brain. When you create an animated video, whether for fun or formal purposes, you’re sure to captivate your  audience with it. 

✅ Powtoon presentations are cost-effective

One challenge that video producers have is limited funding. About 41% of marketers cite insufficient funds as the reason for not exploring video marketing.

If you think of making live-action videos, you have to look for talented actors, a perfect location and production equipment. Ultimately, most video producers choose not to use live action because of the high cost.

The good news is that making Powtoon videos won’t cost you as much. In fact, the only expense you’ll incur is that of paying their monthly subscription... And that is only if you go for the paid plans. Otherwise, you can use Powtoon basic features to come up with an equally engaging and visual content for free.

✅ Powtoon animations are easy to update

The content creation industry has experienced rapid expansion in the past few years, and rightfully so. Yet one of the biggest challenges is replacing old content with new. If looking at your old sales presentations thinking they're a bit dated.  You’ll find that updating to old slides to Powtoon's is a walk in the park. 

This is where Powtoon really saves the day! These video presentations are one of the easiest to update. All you need to do is revisit the animated videos and edit the text or add more animations. 

Bottom line takeaway

Powtoon offers a dynamic and versatile way to earn an extra a PT income. You can monetize your Powtoons by uploading them on YouTube.

But I recommend, you can strike strategic partnerships with companies that want their products and services marketed. Incorporate their ads in your videos and get paid per lead or just sell the video as a service. 

But before you get to that point, you’ll need to make killer animated videos that target the right market. Powtoon is a user-friendly platform, so you don’t need any special skills to navigate it. 

So, if you’re just looking to create a brief animated presentation, you can browse their site, sign up and get started. Even if you create animated videos for a living, Powtoon is a pretty cost-effective platform.

Their Pro plan costs just $19 per month, which is a reasonable amount, considering just how much more your well-created Powtoons will earn you. 


Go Try PowToon for yourself or have you already tried it?