Pulling £50 Notes Out Your Ar*e – A Neat Trick But How Do You Do It?

Have you ever been waiting to pay with a lil sweat on.., just praying that your card payment goes through? Yeah I know that feeling... That's when you wish you could pull £50 notes out your arse right?

Sometimes you just want to make £100 now, like right now. Even the weekly chores can often be running to £100's or more, especially if you have a family. With just 4 mouths to feed, here are a few of last weeks random, but essential costs:

  • Doing the weekly shopping
  • A birthday treat at Nando's
  • Filling up the car with petrol

I couldn't believe it, I only have an A3 and hate to think what my old volvo V 70 estate would take these days! Anyhooo that's £237.45 - that's no small chunk of change either!

How to make money when you want to?

A few years ago I thought the answer to that question was only available to the peeps trading the stock market... today I know that anyone that can do this, can offer a service that peeps will chew your hand off for... if you position yourself correctly!

I know what you're thinking - what skills do I have that peeps will pay for? Well if you're reading this you probably already have the skillz!

How I did when I stuck my neck out!

Now let's be clear, I wouldn't class myself as a marketing expert ... but I know a few peeps I certainly would call experts, like Noah Kagan who runs (amongst others) a website called KopyWritingKourse.com which I do advise you to visit - you'll find some really great content there.

... And Noah's doesn't just talk about copywriting shizzle, one of these great pieces of content I found was there was the 1 day business idea, it's 'that idea' I decided to experiment with!

When reading his post I immediately thought about all the times that I've been asked that question, the question we all want to know:  How do I make money NOW!?

So the idea is a simple one, so simple that anyone that knows how to setup a wordpress site can do it. The hardest part for many will be the 'sticking ya neck out' 

I had my first enquiry ​within the hour, but didn't smooth out my 'patter'  which sealed the deal until the 3rd enquiry, which was the same afternoon. So get your spiel straight!

This idea for making money we are connecting with local community but also the peeps on our social media profiles. So if folks don't know that you have a certain skill that you're able to charge for ... they soon will! 

The 'Ol Timers Technique

I'm calling the section the 'ol timers technique as this way of drumming up business has been around for donkeys years. Plus as they say, the old ones are the best right?

The post on Kopywriting course, doesn't just talk about this one technique, there are loads of other methods, it's just that this method I know you can do if you're a follower of this blog.

So we're going to give people an irresistible offer, an offer that to those who are 'looking' for your product or service will find too good to resist 😉

In a nutshell the task is to copy and paste the text and image below to advertise your services. I changed nothing at all of the original text, which is what Noah recommended, apart from my phone number and location.  

Here's the copy & paste text below...

Hey friends! If you’ve ever wanted a website built, I’m doing a special deal where I’ll setup a full WordPress website for you within 24 hours for only $100.
Any website you need (can be a personal blog, photography portfolio, company website), I will make for you. We’ll hop on a call together and within 24 hours I’ll get your entire website up and running. I’ll even train you how to use it if needed.

These websites are designed so:
–You can easily update them.
–They have a chance of getting ranked in search engines.
–You can send people your website link.

I am doing a very limited promotion of a flat $100 fee for this ENTIRE service. Many web developers here charge starting at $125/hour, so this is extremely generous!

WhateverYourNameIs – Phone/Text: YourPhone#

P.S. I’m pretty decent at setting up websites, so if you have any website questions at all, ask them in the comments and I’ll help you out or point you in the right direction.​

I did just as asked by only changing the text that I've highlighted in green. then posted it with the image below, that you can download too.  Noah gives a template you can own, you can open this template in Google Drawings then click: >> File Make Copy - which is what I did.

There are different tweaked versions of the text for posting to facebook, craigslist, gumtree etc so as not to upset anyones tos. 

I then posted my ad onto a few pages that were local to me, as I'm in Northampton  UK I used:

  • My Personal FB Page
  • Events in Northampton
  • Work from home group x2
  • Things for sale in Northampton grp.
  • Gumtree ad: 'WordPress websites made for £100 right here in Northampton!' (reference number 1215154822). for £5.99

Was it really like pulling £50 notes?

Bum Inspection

Well not instant cash on demand it wasn't, but there was a little run of jobs that did flow on... Even though I was landing quick jobs to do on the same day, I wasn't able to get paid until 24hrs after securing the deals.

I'd also like to tell you about a few other benefits that I didn't think of that are pretty cool and may persuade you to do the experiment yourself. 

I got a Portfolio

I was quickly able to create a portfolio of real customers that were happy with my work. That means that not only do you finally have something to show peeps that ask " have you got a portfolio you can show me?"​ But, you're able to get real social proof via testimonials that you can put on your website. 

It got Shared

I was pleasantly surprised to find that friends actually shared the posts and even tagged their friends in comments I really didn't expect that, I shared the ad on my "personal timeline" where only my friends would see. They passed on the value to their peeps because of their trust in me. So the hurdle of not sharing your ventures to close friends wasn't a hurdle but a slide... so to speak!

Same week not same day

​As I said it didn't kick into gear until I was clear about what the offer was when peeps came calling. I ended up settling on one-page websites and once I had my spiel down it all fell into place 'the experiment' yielded 12 one page websites in total in 3 weeks. Eight sites were built from facebook connections, and 5 from the Gumtree ad, which was great VFM as it seems.

Ongoing work

If anyone was in the market for a new website it was a no-brainer. Yet still I didn't cut any corners just because I was doing these sites for a steal. Whilst leaving the new owners knowing their new all singing and dancing single page sites could be built out to anything they wanted for any purpose. 

If you under-promise and over-deliver you'll set yourself up for success in the eyes of your clients every time... and that can be banked!

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The very first comment I got from an online marketing friend was " you're giving them away!" ...and it's true, but was method in my madness?

By using the approach of under promising and over delivering when I created the one-page sites. I really did especially in my clients eyes) overdeliver in the time frame, and it paid off.

Summary - got the runs!

Yeah enough bum puns already!

Anyhooo, off the back of a one-pager I created for a client  who shared it in her timeline - I got a call asking if I would create 23 single page websites with minor variations to each site...I see a bonus as they just want the same site with location tweaks, one-page format for the same price... wordpress clone plugin anyone -;) 

It'll be like magic!​

ourI really hope this inspires you to get you groove on and stick your neck out and advertise what you can do... If you need to get your hands on £100 quickly this works -
Do let me know what happened when you tried it, and if you won't try it, why not?

Cheers for reading  - IF you found this helpful please pass it on to your mates who may find it useful & please do click the heart below and show a lil love, I'd really appreciate it 😉 

Sharing is Caring!

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