These Are The Top 3 Money Making Niches … Period!

I always advise beginners to online marketing to pick a niche that they're familiar with and passionate about, however if truth be told, experienced affiliates will always have at least 1 of the top 3 money making niches somewhere in their portfolio. 

Fact of the matter is, we're all human and we all crave the same things, health, wealth and relationship happiness - the potential in these 3 niches is huge, and they are never saturated!

As affiliates, we're there to connect readers in touch with the right health, wealth or relationship solution they are searching for. It's easier than you think if you put yourself in the shoes of your reader's - do that and you'll be a LOT closer to understanding what they're really looking for.

Let's look at the top 3 niches online and see how we can leverage them for an online business and for a readers benefit. 

Health - the 1st super niche

Appealing to males, females and almost any demographic are a multitude of health related topics.

Now your first thoughts maybe gym memberships, (which I haven't got) or exercise & fitness but health goes a lot deeper than fitness. People are always searching online is for solutions to their ailments.

Here's a list of 6 health niche topics, note how I'm targeting very specific people looking for 'healthy' solutions. Which health niche would you pick?

  • Zumba Dance Workouts
  • Lower Back Pain Relief
  • Acne Treatments For Adults
  • Coping With Diabetes 
  • Weight Loss With Red Tea
  • healthy snacks for children

All the above allow you to get a foot into the health niche by targeting what we call in the business "low hanging fruit" or long-tailed keywords that our readers will use to search for their specific health problems/issues. 

All problems come in 2 stages, ie:

Bleeding gums, your reader would only really think about the leading gums when they brush their teeth,  so maybe twice a day. Even though these people may want a solution, it's not urgent to them, it's not 'always' their mind.

Whereas, someone who has acute acne will be thinking of their problem almost every hour of the day. Getting up and wash their face will be a pain point, to passing people on the street in getting a telling glance. It may even affect how they interact with other people.

This is a serious pain points and these people are desperately seeking a solution, and it's always at the forefront of their mind.

Try to pick the keyword where your potential customer avatars will be thinking about their problem at least every hour of the day. 

Wealth - 2nd super niche 

Do you want to be comfortable financially?

Exactly - that's why this niche appeals to a VERY wide audience and can span a whole plethora of subjects. 

It's not only those looking to make more money interested in the wealth niche. People that have money are also looking to invest to further improve or safeguard their cash.

So again, 6 wealth related niches that can definitely build you a health readership.

  • Niche Affiliate Marketing
  • The Precious Metals Market
  • Poker and Online Gambling
  • Currency Trading Platforms
  • Pensions and Investments
  • Blogging For Cash
Peeps are Investing in themselves

There are a lot of easy points into the wealth niche. However, readers are really cautious of the get-rich-quick crap online flooding inboxes. I mean...

Would you believe you Could earn £3627.14 before you wake up tomorrow - did I mention with zero training?... NAH me neither!

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So make sure you're marketing content isn't that poorly written message that promises the world. Just like the health niche, think of the readers 'pain points' they may have. Someone searching for pension advice for over 50's Is a likely target, they may be wondering what happens to their finances in the next 10 to 15 years, it's urgent to them.

I'd advise you to start your keyword research for wealth subjects trying some long tailed keyword searches and see what you come up with... just type in the box below.

Relationship - super niche #3

Who doesn't want to find that special someone?  
I think the lyrics in this song Tarrus Riley sings sum it up.

Have a listen, but DON'T go down the Youtube rabbit hole as we're not finished yet....

People are happier in pairs

I believe people are happier as a pair whatever all my single friends say. It's precisely why the relationship niche as the health or wealth niche are so popular. 

Don't limit your niche research to 1on1 relationships either. There's the nucleus and extended family,  workplace relationships, forming basic friendships plus a host of other things people will be searching for help with. 

Here are 6 ways into the relationship niche market you can certainly enter.

  • Getting Your Ex boyfriend/girlfriend Back
  • Parenting Autistic/****** Children
  • Bedroom Or Boudoir?  - Yep, I said it!
  • Avoid Divorce & Fix Your Marriage 
  • Dating for Different Generations
  • Finding Your Self Confidence 

Considering 'the love approach'...  When people used to go looking for love, it was traditionally in places like bars or nightclubs - but all that's changed  now, and the method most peeps use today are dating sites and apps.

As an online marketer, you can tap into this niche because you can profit from affiliate sales of programs or by simply steering peeps in the direction of a company that pays CPA (cost per action) revenue for things like sign ups or free trials. There's a big list below

Top 3 niche summary

All of the above are evergreen niches - meaning people will always be searching for help, solutions and information in these areas.

As you see there are many entrance points into any of the big 3 niches, it comes down to you nailing your customer avatar and understanding 'em, their pain points their major woe's and putting the right offer/solution in front of your audience. 

Remember the more you understand your niche audience, the easier it will be to get the right result for them.

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