Why Wealthy Affiliate Marketing University Rocks Beliefs

Affiliate marketing especially in the UK has a cloudy mist over it. Most people don't really know what it is, and a few assume it's a bit dodgy. Well take it from me, it's not dodgy or blackhat, affiliate marketing is a completely legitimate way of making money online you can learn.

By the end of this post, you'll have a complete understanding of what affiliate marketing is, the kind of money you can make, how to become an affiliate, plus where you can learn affiliates marketing for free.

The mission of ptjobftincome.com is to show you can work part-time hours and earn a full-time income from home. 1000's of people are already doing it and there are plenty of ways to earn money online, by far the easiest is with affiliate marketing. I explain why, how and put all into context soon. 

Why I became an affiliate marketer

I worked as a restaurant manager, jobs in hospitality had me working 50 hours a week as the norm, when we were busy 60 hrs plus would be needed. They are jobs that eat away at any free time. I had to be there at weekends and some late nights are expected. It was no real-life for a family orientated man. 

Things changed dramatically in December 2008 I was redundant. I knew that something had to change, I didn't want to carr on the long days away from the family, I wasn't earning nearly enough money and had 2 young children under 5yrs old plus a mortgage. 

I looked online for extra money

A buddy of mine reminded me of something quite ordinary yet startling the other day. It was a good reminder and something I take for granted far too often. Yet if truth be told, it wasn't so long ago I didn't have it. It's one of the unseen and hidden blessing of having 'enough money'.

What we often overlook is a choice, the simple option of being able to choose is a privilege we take for granted. 

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Ever seen a young child asking for the comic with the little plastic toy, and mom saying to child "sorry honey, we just can't afford it this week"?  Or have you ever hold put back on what groceries you really want to get one month because you just can't afford it? 

It's the freedom of choice that is one of the biggest benefits of learning affiliate marketing. It's been able to take the children out for lunch their favourite restaurant at the weekends and not having to opt for a tuna sandwich. 

Wealthy affiliate marketing image

Being able to take the family to the cinema and not worry about the cost, is priceless! 

How can I learn affiliate marketing?

I was as green as they come, I got suckered in crazy promises and lost thousands of dollars on systems I thought would make me rich quick. I like so many fell into the trap of looking for a quick fix silver bullet.

It wasn't until I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate marketing telling me there was no silver-bullet, but there was a 4 step system if I was prepared to put the time in to learn it. This was a bit of a different approach and I was intrigued. I went and took a look at their website.

I knew by now how to spot a scam after being burned a few times. However laid out in front of me was an offer to join a no strings community where I could learn affiliate marketing.

Heard it all before but never seen it?

I'd seen many programmes which promised to put me on the right path to financial freedom, I'd read many websites sales pages wanting to sell me software and tools for instant earnings. Yet I never saw a website that gave complete open access to what is available for free like wealthy affiliate marketing. 

If choice matters to you, the big yet refreshing difference between wealthy affiliate and anything else I've seen before, is that wealthy affiliate didn't promise you anything apart from:

Inside Wealthy Affiliate Marketing ⤵? 


No credit card or payment needed to start, awesome community support, structured training and free marketing tools plus 2 free websites they will host for you to work on and make it all happen - Wealthy Affiliate put the decision in your hands based of the strength of their word - their training and community will get you to success faster.

That was 9 years go... and I'm still there, because the owners Carson & Kyle stuck to their word They delivered on first class training plus the tools to start a legitimate and profitable online business. 

Affiliate marketing the overview

The low-down on affiliate marketing... I join the Amazon affiliate program it's free, and get a unique link to the Amazon website. 

I'm a keen cook, and share lots of info about copper cookware on my website and social media. Whenever anyone clicks my link and buys a copper set from Amazon I will be paid a 7% commission on all they buy at Amazon.

Wealthy Affiliate teach the best way to find buyers looking for a copper cookware and how to get them to buy.

Wealthy Affiliate marketing teaches

The concept sounds easy enough, however if it was 'that' simple everyone would be doing it.

The fact remains that every brand wants more people to use their products or services, and most will pay you a commission for helping them make another sale or get another customer.

Amazon commissions are between 4-10% depending on the category you are selling them in.

Click the good to know image and get a bigger picture on amazon payouts

Clickbank and other digital vendors will typically offer to pay between 1-75% commissions. 

amazon affiliate payouts

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Learning at Wealthy Affiliate

At wealthy affiliate you'll get a 10 lesson foundation course in how to set up an online affiliate business the right way, plus full tutorials on how to set up your website and earn legitimate passive income waits for anyone who chooses to digest them... for free.

wealthy affiliate marketing overview

At the end of each lesson you'll have small but important tasks to complete to further and enhance your understanding..

The training courses are mostly in a text format with over the shoulder videos, there are also weekly webinars held teaching different topics related to making your affiliate business a success each and every week, there's a few years back catalogue of the webinar too.

The tools at Wealthy Affiliate

Another quite unique part of the wealthy affiliate university are the tools you have access to. Even with the free starter account you have access to tools that other training sites would charge you for. 


Siterubix.com, which is where the members of Wealthy Affiliate have 60 second wordpress installer so you don't need to know any of the techy stuff. This will allow you to build 2 fully functional websites. All you need do it choose your domain name, and set up a free starter account - which doesn't have an exploration date, you can start right here!? What are you going to call your 1st free website❓⤵ 

Top notch website hosting

Once you have a website name you need somewhere for it to live on the internet, that's called hosting. A starter member can build and host 2 websites for free at wealthy affiliate. Premium members get hosting for 25 self hosted websites plus you can build an additional 25 websites on siterubix! 

The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate isn't your normal run of the mill hosting either. I could reel off a load of features and benefits, like it's never down, security is rock solid, constant backs etc, but you can read all about it for yourself if really interested. Here's a snippet of a few features. 

wealthy affiliate marketing Hosting costs

Jaaxy keyword finder

Pretty early on, in lesson #3 you'll be picking your niche, lessons four and five are setting up your website then lesson #6 you are introduced to the importance of keywords.

Keywords help with search engine optimization (SEO) which is how we get our websites to show up in Google and other search engines.  So once you have your website in place you'll want to make it SEO ready so that search engines can find it.

wealthy affiliate marketing Jaaxy image

What wannaba affiliate should do now

The outline for your own successful affiliate business has already been written for you. The training is laid out for you to jump right in and start your affiliate education at the wealthy affiliate university now. 

You don't need to worry about any payments or costs, just get a grasp on what niche you want to get into and how you will make your money online.

A huge community is waiting to help you every step along the way. The only thing left is for you to take the next step in a venture capable of changing your life.... literally! 

Make sure you come and say hi to @mission0ps when you get inside wealthy affiliate ...


  • James says:

    Hi, I think your graphics and layout are amazing. It shows that you have put a lot of work into your web site. I like your angle – working part time for full time pay. Not sure about the title for the page – it could be a bit more punchy. The video on the front page does not work. I am not sure why you would be advertising software that seems to compete with Wealthy Affiliate (top right corner).But overall, it is visually compelling and I enjoyed what you had to say. Well done!

    • PT - Tony says:

      Hi James, interesting reply, it’s almost like you’re giving feedback rather than leaving a comment, but I’ll run with it. 

      – The title, I’ll take that on the chin, I’ll try to be a lil more “punchy” 
      – Thanks a bunch for the video heads , I’ll take a peek.
      – And I’m not here to just push WA I’m here to show what works, I’ve been online marketing to almost 10 yrs and Amasute if you read the review helps in maximizing the efforts. Just as you may use Jaaxy, anyone that uses affiliate marketing as an income stream would find Amasuite of benefit. 

      Cheers for visiting James. 

      Good for for thought. 

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