8 Reasons To Move WordPress dot Com Business Accounts To WA

If you’re serious about building an online business, growing your influence and increasing your impact, I suggest blogging with WordPress. Even then, there's a couple  are two ways you can do this.

WordPress.com is great for beginners. It’s free, easy to use, and WordPress hosts your site. But if you really want to maximize your message, you’ll want to upgrade to self-hosted WordPress, also known as WordPress.org at wealthy affiliate hosting.

If you already have a WordPress.com account, you can easily migrate your content over to a WordPress.org account. They make it really simple to do this.

With self-hosted WordPress, all you have to do is sign up for a managed web host (I recommend Wealthy Affiliate).

You’ll get 4 things with Wealthy Affiliate hosting that every self-hosted site needs (but most hosts don’t offer):

  1. Built-in security to keep your content safe from hackers
  2. SiteProtect at the server level blocks ALL automated spam
  3. Built-in SSL serve your website over 256-bit Encrypted Connections
  4. Built-in site speed optimization to keep your site running fast

At wealthyaffiliate.com/hosting there's also fantastic 24/7 support offered, via the dedicated support team and for site questions other members jump in. You've REALLY not seen anything like this community before.

To be transparent, Wealthy Affiliate hosting is not the cheapest web host available. There are several popular hosting platforms more focused on do-it-yourself solutions that don’t include online business training, member support, security, backups, or caching.

But if you’re committed to building a professional website, Wealthy Affiliate is worth the investment, as it's a LOT more than just hosting.

7 reasons to switch a wordpress business account to wealthy affiliate hosting

1. You can use a custom domain name.

I reckon there's not much worse when it comes to serious branding than a long domain that includes someone else’s brand attached to it.

mission0ps.wordpress.com is an example of what not to do.

With self-hosted wordpress, you buy your own domain name and connect it to your website for free. You can do this with wordpress.com too, but you have to pay $48 per year (plus your domain cost) for the privilege.

2. You've access to loads more themes. As wordpress.com runs in a closed system, they are very selective about which themes they let you install. Right now your choice is 112 free themes and starting at around $25 198 premium themes.

Granted it may sound like a good selection, but compared to the thousands of themes both free and paid that are available for self-hosted wordpress sites.

3. You get to install plugins. 3rd party plugins add extra functionality to wordpress, but there's a heavy levy of $300 per year for a business account to use plugins with wordpress.com sites, even then, only some plugins are compatible. 

Just to give you an idea of what plugins can do, here are four of my favorites:

  • WP SEO—Optimizes your website blog for search engines. Yoast allows you to customize the page titles, metadata for each post & much more.
  • Thrive Architect —Adds a myriad of cool functions, complete page templates, responsive pop ups, lead forms for email optins, announcements, all sorts.
  • Apprentice—Allows me to create unlimited simple member only course sites like: www.setupwp.uk/mysuwp these sites I can host on my wordpress, the sites apprentice creates really do look great... in my opinion.
  • Ovation Commenting System—Replaces the regular wp commenting system. It has a number of features that you'd love. It is arguably the best comment plugin I've used.

4. You can get your hands dirty & tweak.  This might not be a big deal to you, but it is vitally important to geeks like me. I am constantly wanting to make improvements to my wordpress sites.

This could be as simple as moving the post date from the top of the post to the bottom (which need a lil modifying of the single.php file) to adjusting the spacing between bulleted text (which means tweaking your site's style.css file). It's  $96 per yr extra to tweak the .php files in wordpress.com

5. You can use banner and google ads. WordPress.com runs its own ads on your site. This is one way they pay for your “free” site. But you guessed, for just $48 a year, you can remove the ads entirely. BUT... You still can’t run your own ads.

6. You can set up a eCommerce store. You'll certainly want to monetize your site, especially if you are thinking of 'an online business'. Google ads is one way to do it. But there are other, more lucrative ways to turn your blog into a steady income.

One way is with an ecomm store, another is affiliate marketing. This gives you the opportunity to earn a legitimate income from your blog. AGAIN the rather restrictive wordpress.com limits the list of plugins allowed for installation, that is after you've upgraded to a business account for the extra $300 per year.

7. You own and control your website. A self-hosted wordpress gives you complete control. You own it and you control it. With a wordpress.com site, well they have you by the short & curlys.

It’s fine for the hobby bloggers, but I would not run a business or professional site on it. It simply doesn’t give you enough control, and they can delete it as they did mine...

8. All the extra trimmings at Wealthy Affiliate. When you subscribe to wealthy affiliate premium you get access to all the tools you are going to need to build a fully functioning professional website.  

Training courses, keyword tools, host 25+ websites, a jumping community, cool writing aids, quick wordpress install and more...

Cost of wordpress.com business for 12 months  $300
Cost of wordpress.com .php tweaks for 12 mths $96
Cost of wordpress.com free banners 12 months $48 
Total Cost of wordpress.com extras 12 months  $444


And you get sooo much more...